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e Buddy allows you to have all your buddies from multiple IM accounts in one single list.Chats are arranged in tabs making life easy for users with multiple conversations running most of the time.

We all have friends who use either multiple IM accounts or multiple IM services.You can chat either using the embedded client available right within the browser window or a pop up client that looks like a desktop app.Kool IM also boasts that it will work from behind any firewall or proxy server in a corporate environment. The service has been around since 2004 and performs most of the basic functions we expect from a messenger app.Organizing your contacts from multiple accounts is a much sought after feature in e Buddy. Nimbuzz is getting all the buzz from its mobile clients, the most famous being the i Phone app.e Buddy claims that on an average, each user manages 200 contacts via their e Buddy account. Just as its native i Phone app, Nimbuzz also offers a fabulous web messaging service.When you login to one of your linked accounts, you will be automatically logged into all your other linked IM accounts as well. imo allows grouping of buddies using lists and sorting by adding a star to buddies you talk often.user interface is simple and minimal, offering a decent set of features like blocking or hiding from buddies, renaming buddy names, Skype integration, video and voice chat.There is a great Firefox extension that helps to run Meebo from the sidebar.Meebo is available as a native app for i Phone, besides having a great mobile version of the site.Meebo supports file sharing, video & voice chat, invisible mode and much more.Once logged in, the interface is simple, uncluttered and does not eat up memory even when multiple chat windows are open.


  1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Due to the availiblity of email, instant messaging softwares, and other voice over.

  2. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Other forms of communication such as text messaging have reduced our

  3. Messaging and other instant forms of online communication are short and basic. Some people think this will be the death of grammar and spelling.

  4. What extent do you agree or disagree? Give Modern forms of communication such as email and messaging have reduced the amount of time people spend.

  5. The study found that 20 percent of college freshmen take remedial writing courses because they lack the basic foundations of writing and grammar. Some.

  6. Do you agree or disagree? People prefer to take a phone call and short message rather wait for the letters, in order to get instant feedback as soon as.

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