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Internet dating and exclusivity

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Is there any rule of thumb or any on-line dating etiquette for how many dates you should have with one individual before discussing the subject of removal of profile/dating exclusively? bring the fledgling relationship into the real world as opposed to remaining in the sweetshop of online dating? I spent a long weekend with a gal on what started as a first POF meet once and she contacted me a day later and said she was a one man kinda woman and hoped I felt the same way.If you want to and she doesn't - then obviously that's not a rule she agrees with or agrees with at the moment. Not everyone thinks profiles should be hidden or taken down when you get involved...it's not a requirement.Personally, the longer you wait to talk to me about this, the better off you are.IMO (and I expect some heated denials) someone that insists on coming on to a dating site just to use the forums has one foot out the door, or is insecure enough they need to cover their bets.

Many people are on this site to enjoy the forums, and just chat with friends here.

As for me, well I do quite like these forums & won't delete my profile. Sometimes there can be misunderstandings early on in relationships as you don't yet know the other person, so I think I might mention it to the man I've been dating that I have kept my profile open as I like to use the forums. OP - when you both discuss it and agree it's time, that's when.

As per usual around here, there is no rule outside the one you both decide works for your individual situation.

That's why there's the option to show yourself as "Not Single/Not Looking". I've been in serious committed relationships while still on this site. I make it clear that while I'll accept friends, I don't want anything beyond that. There will always be those though, who have doubts about everyone and everything.

You put a little blurb in your profile saying you've found someone special... People who have been hurt too many times to trust anyone. I don't believe there is a rule of thumb on dating and removing your profile that is totally a personal choice.


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