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Internet times out when updating iphone

It dies out every couple of pages or so and says that my connection has timed out. Every page or 2, I've got to disconnect and reconnect!!

So to keep browsing I have to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. all the while I've got 5 bars, but sometimes it says I've got 'Limited access' I don't understand!! I have been researching this problem for weeks and the most logical thing I've come across so far is that it is related to either an IP connection timing issue, (which must be resolved by modifying the registry key ( or it is related to a port blocking issue (which I have yet to resolve.) The port blocking suggesting makes sense, because some folks report losing access to secure sites (https) and others report losing connection to regular websites (http).

I have found similar questions dating back to 2004, using all versions of the OS, all browsers, all computers and all kinds of routers, with and without firewalls. I have a netgear router from AOL on this desktop which has the normal DSL connection.

The problem almost assuredly has to do with an IP setting on ports, connection timing, or both. I have recently bought a Sweex wireless dongle to connect my dad's comp to the wireless.

Installed windows 7 on new tosheba and wife's new HP; both time out when up-dating our new iphone software? *original title - Installed windows 7 on new tosheba and wife's new HP; both time out when up-dating our new iphone software?

its not that, because mine has been doing this months before I recieved that notice. Its Either Firefox, or the Netgear modem, and im leaning more towards firefox, because I can run other programs such as instant messengers that require an internet connection, and they will work fine while firefox says its timed out.That is, encrypted while your data is traveling through a radio signal between your computer, and the access point or router, where it is de-crypted, and passed along completely unencrypted through the rest of its journey. (Sorry.) However, it is because of that remote possibility, that we use encrypted secure connections for bank transactions, VPNs, email, and connections to our colleges and universities websites.That way the unscrupulous employee would have to fish out your completely nonsensical data, and spend the next 2,000 years using a supercomputer to figure it out. So here's where the dropped or timed out connection comes into play.But, I still can use my laptop connect to wifi at the office . Although, in general, this is true, but it seems that Firefox IS doing something to cause the internet connection to disconnect and then immediately reconnect.I have tested with Safari and IE and it does not disconnect then reconnect like this.It's a big deal for us because we're for-profit, and when a person can't attend our school because their HTTPS connections keep dropping, it cuts into our profits.I'm going to be upfront though; I am not a networking person. That being said, I'm pretty sure this is what is happening: Most wireless connections are encrypted. This is not a problem for the most part, because nodes (the big servers your data hops across on its way to its destination) have SO MUCH traffic moving through them, an unscrupulous employee with a high level of access would have to fish out your data from the stream, and your data is probably no more interesting than the next guy's data.I'm am going to try and remove the encryption and see if my internet connection is better, if so then I'll have my answer.I guess at that point I will have to avoid doing sensitive work on my laptop, such as logging into my bank account, etc. Encryption takes every character you input and converts it into a mathematical equation that only the recipient has the key to decipher, hence why it is slower to encrypt/decrypt, and why you would spend 2,000 years on a supercomputer trying to crack it.The encrypted version would not be six characters long. Ever notice how sometimes on a secure site your web browser will say "this page contains both secure and non-secure items. " You get that message because the web page you're on does not want to encrypt the transfer of images between you and their server.One little image can easily be equal to the data of all the text on the page.


  1. An error that most iTunes users will come across at some point is the "iTunes Network Connection Timed Out. There is an Internet. and updating is not.

  2. So to keep browsing I have to disconnect and reconnect to the internet. Then it times out after a few pages. try updating it. Connection Keeps Timing out.

  3. Learn how to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the latest version of. and connect to the Internet with. more space when updating.

  4. Fix iTunes Network Connection Timed Out & Error -3259 During iPhone. Network Connection Timed Out. times over. PS Updating to ios 5.

  5. Public_insulter Thanks for reaching out to us. We suggest updating via. If you can‘t update or restore your iPhone. included in the Telegraph's iOS 9.

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