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On one side, Miller is sporting a muscular Uncle Sam holding the Olympic torch with his sleeves rolled up showing off a USA tattoo.On the opposite side it shows an eagle that looks like it is tearing right through the helmet.He sent it out and asked for it to be painted all white, but when he got it back he found the now iconic paint job of the wings over the eyes.Rutherford did not like the design but timing was an issue and he was forced to wear it.

On one side of the mask it shows the outline of a surfer and palm trees inside the reverse outline of the Ducks logo.So it's only normal that more and more we are seeing intricate goalie masks being designed, and when looking to be intimidating as fuck the only natural choice is to have a Black Sabbath mask!I am surprised it took this long to be created but after similar masks started popping up including, Audioslave and Iron Maiden, recreational hockey goaltender Liz Conner decided to take her goalie mask to the next level.Most people look at this mask and see only the target, but what they don’t realize is the utilization of a “C” on the helmet that stood for his team, the Canadiens.When reversed on the opposite side of the mask, it gives the classic “Target” design.4) Al Montoya Montoya properly represents the new Winnipeg Jets logo with his new fighter jet styled helmet.The rest was all Headstrong." The final product looks pretty wicked hardcore.(as the locals up in Massachusetts would say) The guys at Headstrong Grafx knocked the design out of the park.The first game Jim wore his new mask he played an outstanding game.He decided to stick with the new look and played with it for the remainder of the season.Gerry had the idea that each time he had taken a puck off the mask during a game, he would have stitches drawn where the puck had hit him to show what his face would have looked like if he never wore a mask.A face with all those stitches is one not even a mother would kiss!


  1. The goalie mask. If you know nothing about masks. sleek in design and somewhat intimidating. I make and paint high end custom goalie masks here in Vancouver.

  2. Helmet, goalie masks, gloves, stick. Ice Hockey Goalie Mask Sticks and Puck is an illustration of an. Flaming skull ice hockey mascot. fearless and intimidating.

  3. Nhl goalie masks/sculpture designs. Kittens The key ingredient to any intimidating KHL goalie mask Koshechkin is proof - Cat-loving hockey goalies.

  4. Top 10 Goalie Masks. The mask shows the teeth of the jet surrounding the cage, the intimidating eyes that stand out beautify with the blue outline.

  5. Worst Goalie-Mask Designs in NHL History. so let's look at 20 of the worst goalie masks ever. It needs a more intimidating look.

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