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Intimidating team names for fantasy football

Further, you might answer that question differently than even your own spouse or best friend.

Comparatively, then, a great team name to a gang of white-collared paper pushers in Seattle might be mediocre to a manufacturing warehouse in central Georgia.

We welcome youto explore with one goal before you: insight into the mindof another. Now, perhaps it’s just me, or even an opinion only the minority holds—but I feel foolish every time that I remind myself that I belong to a Fantasy Football league called “Brute Farce”.

To fully grasp the purported theme of thiscollection of compositions please refer to our first article,"The Elusiveness of Thought", composed by our editor. (In my friend’s defense, I have heard and seen worse, and it apparently wasn’t bad enough to discourage me from joining it.) And it is in this spirit that I begin my first editorial/commentary called ‘Desktop Quarterback’.

After all, you really don’t want to be known by your fellows as the ‘Pac Man Ghosts’ (real team name, apparently).

Second, in the same vein, you are not just comparing a series of points and numbers against another person’s points and numbers. Fantasy Football is called Fantasy because, to a guy, it is a Fantasy as much as he is a virtuoso guitarist or a streetwise ladies’ man.

However, there are a few compelling reasons to go to some, even many lengths to come up with a pinnacle name.

First, to guys, Fantasy Football is a status competition.

Why a Good Name Is Needed Well, the first reason would be so that you wouldn’t belong to anything called “Brute Farce” (Again, I tease Axon, but I’m sure I will get my own in the weeks to come).

There are factors to consider, and even after considering them, it really boils down to personal preference.

However, there are certain things we can take into consideration to make a team name better than most.

So here are some of the best names that will give you a giggle (in under 20 characters).

Depay in the Sky Lads on Toure Nice to Michu Chamakh My Pitch Up Brian Munich How I Met Your Mata Absolutely Fabregas Alice in Hangeland One Size Fitz Hall Jimmyfloydbottlebank Beercelona Argentina Turner Bayer Neverlosen More than 500,000 had already registered through the official website by the end of July but last year more than three million people played the game.


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