Introvert personality dating tips

An introvert might be the last to say hello to others at a party and the first to bolt for the door, even if you take the party pressure off by encouraging that person to act naturally and engage with others at a level that feels comfortable.Red Flag: If you feel isolated — as if it’s you and this one person against the world — then beware.Give the initial push, but as the relationship moves forward, the introvert should pick up the slack. It’s what I call talking, which is why your initial conversation may last eight hours.Rather than blathering on or indulging in cheesy small talk, an introvert saves his or her words for something that’s personally important, and prefers talking one-on-one with you.I got over my preconceived notions about wimpy low-key guys.

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Cons: You may be stuck with initiating contact every time.

Now I think that going slow and steady is a better way.” By the Myers-Briggs definition (Myers-Briggs being a popular psychological test), an introvert derives energy from his or her internal world of emotions and ideas, while an extrovert gets revved up from the outside world of people and activities.

So what should you consider if you want to date someone who’s more on the introvert side than you are?

Red Flag: Communication styles aside, if someone’s lack of action and communication leads you to seriously doubt his or her interest in you, maybe it’s time for that person to step up — or step off.

Pros: Your schedule won’t be constantly hijacked by the introvert’s need to involve the world in every conversation, dinner and activity.


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