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Invalidating childhood

To adapt to this unhealthy and dysfunctional environment, the working relationship between his thoughts and feelings becomes twisted.

His emotional responses, emotional management, and emotional development will likely be seriously, and perhaps permanently, impaired.

And I've also noticed that the very people who tell me this will also eventually deal with frustrating things, and they don't follow their own advice.

But trying to dress an emotional wound, with logic tends to either confuse, sadden or infuriate a person.

In abusive homes, they may have been severely punished for expressing certain thoughts and feelings.

When your awareness rises, you'll begin to notice such comments on a regular basis. We wonder if there is something wrong with us for feeling how we do.

When we are invalidated by having our feelings repudiated, we are attacked at the deepest level possible, since our feelings are the innermost expression of our individual identities.

Telling a person she shouldn't feel the way she does feel is akin to telling water it shouldn't be wet, grass it shouldn't be green, or rocks they shouldn't be hard. Whether we like or understand someone's feelings, they are still real.


  1. CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION An emotionally invalidating environment is currently defined in the literature as a childhood environment in which caregiver’s responses.

  2. Development of a measure to assess invalidating childhood environments in the eating disorders. This study aims to develop a measure of childhood invalidating.

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