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First off the plane was Marine Corporal Matt Bradford, returning to the place that has haunted him the last four years.

Matt Bradford: I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep, because I keep thinking about, you know, getting blown up, laying there on the ground. Matt Bradford returns home, eager to start a new chapter of his life despite severe injuries. He was 20 then, inspired to join the corps by 9/11. I jokingly say, "I had 10 really good months and one really bad day." Salau blames himself for leading his patrol into an ambush and, like a lot of soldiers and Marines we've talked to, he feels guilty about leaving his men when he was medevaced out of Iraq.

"At the same time I wanted to capture everyday mundane images." But the project has also raised privacy questions about the constant presence of cameras in a classroom.

University authorities have tried to allay those concerns by requiring a cover over the lens while Bilal is teaching on campus.

The following script is from "Operation Proper Exit" which aired on Nov. The war in Iraq is nearly over for America, but not for the Americans who fought there.

Wafaa Bilal, an Iraqi born photography professor at the university's Tisch School of the Arts, had the procedure done at a piercing studio last month for an art project commissioned by a museum in Doha, Qatar, he said.

The images will then be transmitted to Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, he said, featuring an exhibit entitled "Told/Untold/Retold" in time for the museum's December 30 opening, according to a museum statement.

The thumb-sized camera is mounted on a titanium plate inserted inside the back of his head, Bilal said.

"This will expose the unspoken conditions we face," Bilal said Thursday.

"A project like this is meant to establish a dialogue about surveillance." The project is called "The 3rd I," and will make use of the posterior camera by taking a snap-shot photographs each minute of Bilal's everyday activities for one year, he said.


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