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Buying an apartment in Sydney's inner west is a major deal for Mastin."I'm no Hugh Hefner, I'm not a millionaire of the world but coming from a place growing up where we didn't have anything really to now, I couldn't ask for more really."I would never have expected to own my own place by now.To be getting one is awesome, like a new toy or something."Mastin recently signed contracts on the two-bedroom apartment, buying it off a plan so he won't move in for a few months.

"Rhiannon and I are working such late hours so it is cool to have someone there because it can be really lonely."Acting is also something Mastin would "love to do"."I've been offered a couple of things so far but none of the roles have been just right," he said. But, sometimes, relationships come to an end due along with the test of time.However, lamenting on the past is not the solution if we want to move ahead in our life.“I get off the plane and tell them Justice Crew or the Janoskians are behind me as a decoy to buy me some time.” The triple-threat of performers kicked off the all-ages ‘Beautiful Nightmare’ tour in Perth on December 1 and have been playing to crowds of up to 7000 fans a night.The ‘Shout It Out’ singer believes the tour has such a great appeal because each act performing brings “something different.” “The girls just go mental for The Janoskians and then Justice Crew come on with their crazy dancing which you can't even figure out how a human being can do that and then we bring the whole rock band,” Reece told the Herald Sun.Let's take a sneak peek into Rhiannon's life to find that out!The beautiful TV Actress Rhiannon Fish was previously in a dating affair with Australian singer Reece Mastin.Mastin hires a cleaner and can afford more than the standard uni fare of two-minute noodles or tins of tuna.He loves takeaway, particularly chicken and broccoli with oyster sauce from his local Thai restaurant."Cooking is one of my favourite things but I'm pretty crazy on takeaway, I'm a takeaway fiend," he admitted.Caption: Rhiannon's tweet denying engagement rumors with past boyfriend, Reece Mastin.They later maintained a long-distance relationship after Rhiannon moved to LA and Reece was in Australia.


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