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Saffron: 'I believe so.'Tone: 'Would you like to do any Shakespeare?'Saff: 'I'd like to do some Ibsen, or maybe some Pinter.'Growing up in a middle-class but stridently socialist London home has clearly affected every aspect of Burrows's life.And that is not something we should be sharing with a wider audience.""Precious" is a word that Burrows likes, and it suits her well.Today, all six feet of her willowy frame is dressed in a no-nonsense style: Zara boots, tight jeans, a pin-striped Armani jacket.Her hair is long and shiny and her face is like a whirl of whipped cream, buffeted by the wind - full of swoops and curves and concave dips where you least expect them. I bet you can see her big eyes blazing from the back row. Sometimes, I have to give myself a kick up the bum to remind myself that there is finite time in this job."I don't believe it for one minute!Though certain topics may be off-menu today, what Burrows does hope will be shared with a wider audience is the mega-million-dollar Troy, in which she stars as Andromache, the wife of Eric Bana's Prince Hector. While Burrows might not get the lead roles in Mike Figgis films any more, she remains the kind of striving actress who would travel to the other end of the world for a good part.

44 years old, Saffron Burrows is an actress and model.

The actor Alan Cumming was married when she met him on Circle of Friends in 1994.

The two became lovers and were later engaged, before Cumming left her after two years for a man, claiming that he was now "pansexual".

Saffron Burrows is one of Britain's most fascinating young actresses.

Whatever you might think of her, you could never accuse Burrows of being boring.


  1. Check out more about Saffron Burrows Partner, Gay, Pregnant and Plastic Surgery. 44 years old, Saffron Burrows is an actress. with the veteran actress Fiona Shaw.

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