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I am not going to be in anything for nobody, honey. Almost gotten married, almost thought I was having a kid. Wayne is a very great person and he never did anything wrong to me.

In a relationship, I am the person that you are not going to be thinking I am. I am the Trina that is so great, that you are so much of a f*ck boy you mess it up.

Hunnie as much as you talk you probably told somebody else and thats how it made it to the salon.

Ummmmm excuse me from the looks of it none of the cast goes to the hair salon to get their hair done, clearly everybody hair is a mess from Start to Finish!

Miami native, Trina, has just recently hit the airwaves again with the release her sexy new single titled ‘Damn’, featuring singer Tory Lanez. When I come back up here, I will confirm to you whether or not I’m doing anything.

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I know many are going to side with Mariah about the whole situation.

While promoting her new single and album, Trina talks Well, I’ll come back up here and tell you if I decide to do it.

I didn’t come up in that type of stuff [reality TV]. And when I left the relationship I was supposedly looked at as the craziest stupid person. The thing is, when I dated Wayne we were just real young.

Trina revealed how she and former beau French Montana reconciled when the two hugged it out during their performance in Miami for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. He sent the record back on my birthday, which was crazy. It’s a lot of women that need to get their self together," she said about his statements.

During the sit-down, the Miami rapper touched on some of her past relationships with Lil Wayne and French Montana. I had saw him previously two days ago or something at the studio, just like in passing. As Trina explained in her interview, she felt that age was the biggest hurdle to overcome during their time together."Wayne is a very great person," she said. The thing is, when I dated Wayne -- which was so many years ago -- we were just real young. "I just hit him and said, ' I want you to get on this record,' and that was it.


  1. Trina Dating History. Trina dated Lil Wayne. Start Slideshow. Source Zimbio, in photo Trina, boyfriend Lil Wayne. Start Over See Full List · Prev 4 of 4 Next. 4. Trina dated Lil Wayne. 2005 - 2006. Trina dated rapper Lil' Wayne for a short stint, from 2005 through 2006. Sign Up for Our Newsletter. Thanks for signing up!

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