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Javascript regex for validating url

In that case, To Number("N") always returns a number value. Example : and https://xxx and mailto:xxx can certainly start a URL; faxto:xxx might well indicate a new protocol; c:xxx and c:/xxx almost certainly indicate a mistake. Or one can look at a string to see whether there's a reasonable chance of it being a valid URL or whether it cannot be but may be some other form of data; that's easier of course if context permits testing for a specific type of protocol. Use multiples of two or four space characters instead.) Plenty of things are wrong with this. )' is equivalent to `(http|https)' and more efficient than the latter. = regex.test(field.hpage.value)) return true } (Do not use the tab character for indentation, at least in postings. - Valid domain names may contain more than one consecutive hyphen (`-'), ref. (Section 11.9.3.) | [...] | 11.9.3 The Abstract Equality Comparison Algorithm | | The comparison x == y, where x and y are values, produces true or false.

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Some Web Guy (Željko Galetić) is, as his name says, just some guy who does crazy shit on the web. If Type(y) is Boolean, return the result of the comparison | x == To Number(y). x_1 := x y_1 := y | The comparison x == y, where x and y are values, produces true or | false. /L -- Lasse Reichstein Nielsen - lr*@DHTML Death Colors: True, to test this, one would have to make a HTTP request to a standard HTTP port (using nc/netcat(1), HEAD(1) from the libwww-perl package, server-side XMLHTTPRequest and the like). For the OP's purpose, there's no need to validate the alleged URL locally. Neither pinging or dns resolution will tell you if a web server is running, though.(\#((([a-z]|\d|-|\.|_|~|[\x00A0-\x D7FF\x F900-\x FDCF\x FDF0-\x FFEF])|(%[\da-f])|[! :[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9]-*)*[a-z\u00a1-\uffff0-9] )(? For example, you no longer have to worry about long links messing up your text.$&'\(\)\*\ ,;=]|:|@)*)*)|((([a-z]|\d|-|\.|_|~|[\x00A0-\x D7FF\x F900-\x FDCF\x FDF0-\x FFEF])|(%[\da-f])|[! This condition applies if x_1 is not a string representation of a numeric literal, read: could be a URI. I don't presume it is the best strategy, just one that came quickly to mind. ping the resolved address is returned, even though the request will time out).$&'\(\)\*\ ,;=]|:) ))\])|((\d|[1-9]\d|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])\.(\d|[1-9]\d|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])\.(\d|[1-9]\d|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5])\.(\d|[1-9]\d|1\d\d|2[0-4]\d|25[0-5]))|(([a-z]|\d|-|\.|_|~|[\x00A0-\x D7FF\x F900-\x FDCF\x FDF0-\x FFEF])|(%[\da-f])|[!)(\/(([a-z]|\d|-|\.|_|~|[\x00A0-\x D7FF\x F900-\x FDCF\x FDF0-\x FFEF])|(%[\da-f])|[! $&'\(\)\*\ ,;=]|:|@)*)*|(\/((([a-z]|\d|-|\.|_|~|[\x00A0-\x D7FF\x F900-\x FDCF\x FDF0-\x FFEF])|(%[\da-f])|[!


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