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Reed has been cleared of all charges, thanks to Trip, TPol and Hoshi who discovered his orders and relayed them to the Captain in time to help Phlox.

And after a brief lay over on earth for some much needed R&R, the crew of the Enterprise was off once again on their original mission, exploration....

Trip is once again Chief Engineer, much to Lieutenant Kelbys relief.

Phlox has been safely returned unharmed, and having discovered a cure for the disease, but not the mutation of the Klingons from the augment DNA.

While here he has been catching up with old friends, but his relationship with TPol remains professional.

Mostly she is avoiding him, keeping busy with her work and meditation efforts.

I chose to ignore ENTs series finale These Are The Voyages... [COMPLETE: 80K]Summary: [G], This story is a take back to the first season.

I decided it would be fun to explore just when this connection between our resident lovebirds may have started. [Two Parts: each part approximately 40K]SUMMARY: [Various ratings], The complete listing of all the stories in the series in order starting with "No Greater Love" [Each is a complete standalone story.

It's definitely a T/T; short, and so sweet it could make your teeth rot. [COMPLETE: 40K]Summary: [G], My muse got testy and demanded I write this little vignette.[COMPLETE: 45K]Summary: [PG], This is a slight crossover with TOS. Summary: [PG], The second installment of my Away Mission series.It is told from TPols point of view, but characters from TOS make rather crucial appearances. Its another funny situation that the love birds get themselves into. Instead of sending down the whole crew, Captain Archer thinks it would be best that our favorite resident couple go after the item.Spoilers: "Affliction," "Divergence" [COMPLETE: 24K]Summary: [PG], This story is a different take on my stories, "Communications 101 & 102.It is another possible way that Trip and TPol bridge the gap between them and start exploring their bond.Set in season one after "The Andorian Incident." MU CHALLENGE FIC [Multiple Chapters, each chapter approximately 30K]Summary: [PG-13], TPol falls in love with Archer. Episode addition for "Terra Prime." Trip and TPol fall out over the details of the memorial service for their daughter.[COMPLETE: 40K] Summary: [PG-13], A sequel to my Finale Fix, "Desert Rose." Trip is recovering from his injuries after the explosion, but can he and TPol put aside their differences long enough to make things work between them. Part 1, 70K, subsequent parts variable]SUMMARY: [PG], My story continues one year after Star Trek : Enterprises Terra Prime.Trip has been on Enterprise doing repair work now for about a week.The repairs are going slowly and secretly he is in no hurry to get them done.It was inspired by Trip sputtering "Maybe you're picking up some of our bad habits!" in "Breaking the Ice." That got me thinking, and this was the result.


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