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Jehovah witness dating non jehovah witness

I have examples from here at The Moody Church where a Saturday wedding was called off on the previous Wednesday (with my help and intervention).

And, to the glory of God, a young woman was spared from an abusive marriage. In our Jehovah’s Witness case, the groom-to-be will feel foolish if he backs out, but a week of embarrassment is not worth a lifetime of regret.

This is done by reading the Watchtower magazine, following along with what it says, reading the questions it asks, and reciting the answers it gives.

If he didn’t believe this, he would, in all likelihood, not agree to the marriage, let alone marry them.

He is confident his daughter will not leave the faith, and that his son-in-law will convert.

The Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door, distribute the Watchtower and Awake magazines, deny the Trinity, the deity of Christ, and deny his physical resurrection. Find out about their beliefs, history, as well as a Biblical Response to their unbiblical teachings.

by Matt Slick12/05/08 The answer to the question is, "No.


  1. Can a non religious person date a Jehovah's witness? Update Cancel. promoted by Amazon. Today's great deals for your baby. What is dating a Jehovah's Witness like?

  2. Feb 11, 2013 I have been dating a jehovah witness man since June. I love him dearly. My concerns are that he is really secretive about things in his life. He refuse to.

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