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Jezebel worst online dating stories

People can date however they want to date, including more than one person at a time—they often do—until they agree they're not.

— Anya Jaremko-Greenwold (@Anya Jaremko) December 10, 2017 As brilliantly/depressingly relatable as everyone has said.

The bad thing is acknowledging, to the and your mom and dad and your dates and God, and anyone else who might judge you for it, that you're keeping this spreadsheet.

A spreadsheet-keeping woman in her 30s who at one point was dating 5 to 10 guys at a time had this to say: "Out of respect for the likely many people you are in correspondence with when online dating, not to remember needing to remember pet names, brother is a twin, where they went to school, etc., a spreadsheet is a helpful tool for everyone involved.

"Dating spreadsheet guy" is the romantic anti-hero, someone who hopes to manipulate love (in Excel!

), someone who needs to "keep track" of dates as if they were possessions, someone who judges on paper.


  1. A July 2008 article in the Ottawa Citizen included Jezebel as one of several sites launched as part of the "online estrogen revolution," referring to a comScore finding that community-based women's websites were tied with political sites as the Internet's fastest-growing category. The article also cited Ad Age's research.

  2. Dec 11, 2017. That's how many women are responding to a New Yorker short story about a young woman's shitty dating experience. after a frantic rabbity burst, he shuddered, came, and collapsed on her like a tree falling, and, crushed beneath him, she thought, brightly, This is the worst life decision I have ever made!

  3. All week we're running personal stories from Pacific Standard readers in response to Amanda Hess' cover story, "Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet." Author Pacific Standard Staff; Publish date Jan 13, 2014; Social count 2. All week we're running personal stories from Pacific Standard readers in response to.

  4. Mar 19, 2014. When my depression is at its worst, I can't even bring myself to converse with others. People. So I asked for people to send me their stories, from everyday sadness to profound depression. This is not. My sub-culture and my generation is the 400 lb gorilla on the internet; we're fucking EVERYWHERE.

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