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Joe jonas dating nicki reed

Taylor and Harry were first linked back in December of 2012, and even though they only dated for a couple of months, their romance inspired half of Taylor's 1989 album.Just like Taylor, Kendall only briefly dated Harry after they were first linked in November 2013.

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It seems Taylor and Kendall may have bonded over their short and shady relationships with the One Direction cutie, as they've become closer in the past couple of years, with Kendall joining TSwift's girl squad.Taylor and Joe get along Avan Jogia and Josh Hutcherson were super tight for years.Dating all the way back to 2008, you could frequently catch them making appearances in each other's vines, and they even shot You Tube videos together.Lily experienced déjà vu when she fell for another one of her co-stars, Jamie Campbell Bower, on the set of in 2012.The couple had a whirlwind romance before breaking up less than a year later, but the duo eventually found their way back to each other earlier this year, and have been ultimate #relationshipgoals ever since.Emma started dating actor Alex Pettyfer when they met on the set of their movie in 2008, and things got so serious, Alex even got Emma's name tattooed on his finger.Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last forever, and the co-stars eventually split, and Emma went on to date Dianna's Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas infamously dated, and broke up over a 27-second phone call back in 2008. We know many of you young gals were hoping that this “mystery man” was Nikki’s new boyfriend (freeing up space for Joe in our imaginary boyfriend dream diary) but we are sorry to say it is just her brother. Nikki beat the stifiling NYC heat by sporting a tank top and micro-mini jorts.Nikki and her brother had just emerged from a tattoo parlor and were sporting bandages over their tattoos.with the desert-set tale of Jane (Reed), a newly crowned rodeo queen who goes missing, and her friend Heidi (Wright), who uncovers secrets and encounters the violence of life on the road while searching for her pal.Philip Gray and Mark Lee are producers on the film, which has a November shoot planned for California’s San Bernardino County.


  1. Jul 19, 2014. The 26-year-old actress and the 35-year-old actor are dating, according to a source.

  2. Jul 1, 2010. Nikki Reed and Joe Jonas pose for a few pictures at the red carpet premiere of The Twilight Saga Eclipse.

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  5. Jul 8, 2010. Who is this mystery man that is walking arm-in-arm with Eclipse star Nikki Reed? It's Nikki's brother, Nathan. The Thirteen screenwriter is rumored to be dating Joe Jonas after the two walked the red carpet together at the Eclipse London premiere in June. We know many of you young gals were hoping that.

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