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Joely richardson john hensley still dating pros and cons of dating single mothers

For a mere ten months ago she announced she was quitting her lucrative job to look after her sick daughter, Daisy, back in Britain.

Her decision to walk out of her £750,000-a-series part was met with astonishment in Tinseltown, and with plaudits from other parents for putting her only child before her glittering career.

At the time, Miss Richardson said of her choice to come home to care for 15-year-old Daisy, who has a rare genetic circulatory condition, which affects her legs: "I can't be in two places at the same time.

I know I would always regret not being there for Daisy."I've worked hard for many years and Nip/Tuck was a great job. Joely is in the middle of nine months of shooting Nip/Tuck, which will keep her in the US until next spring.

So steamy are her scenes with the blonde real-life lesbian Miss de Rossi that even the crew - who are no strangers to unadorned flesh - have been left, at least according to one excitable report stateside last week, 'in a state of shock'.

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"I pointed out as gently as I could that's all very well as long as she does not make herself ill." Joely has also fallen, say those close to her, into the Hollywood trap of over-exercising (she has been enthusing about the ultra-trendy trapeze work-outs she does while in LA).How ironic, then, given her own anxiety over the fickle world she inhabits, that she should have chosen last week to announce that Daisy is planning to follow her into acting. It's impossible to get away from it." Daisy, who wore a plunging neckline to the premiere, has the pre-Raphaelite beauty of a star in the making. "There is so much rejection in the industry - there was for me," she said.Miss Richardson paraded her daughter for the paparazzi outside the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice as she revealed: "There's an acting gene running through the family. "For years and years I couldn't get a gig, and that's very damaging for your confidence."I want to be in England with Daisy, not just for the tougher stuff, but on a regular basis," she said.scroll down for more At the same time she gave away the pressures of being a longdistance mother to a teenager. Insiders on the show say the producers insisted she make the statement about Daisy's health after Joely made an emotional call from a film set in Canada to tell her bosses of her decision to leave.A source added: "Joely bitterly regrets dragging Daisy into it, but the producers were concerned that they didn't want it to appear that she was leaving for professional reasons.It is, of course, all knockabout, postwatershed nonsense, although hardly what one might expect from the scion of British theatrical royalty (Joely's mother is Vanessa Redgrave and her late father was the director Tony Richardson), let alone the 42-year-old mother of a teenage daughter.But what is, perhaps, most surprising is that the lovely Miss Richardson is in Los Angeles at all.But Hensley has told friends their romance is over, despite his agent's claims the couple were never an item, according to British newspaper THE SUN.She vowed to quit Hollywood to look after her sick daughter.But I just couldn't carry on with it for the sake of my conscience, or for my desires as a mother. How can you sleep at night, how can you feel anything in your heart about the people you love if you are unable to make this sort of decision? Meanwhile, Daisy, who has undergone a series of operations on her legs, has remained 5,000 miles away in the West of England, where she goes to school.According to friends, mother and daughter, understandably, find the long periods of separation hard.


  1. Sep 6, 2007. More recently, she was seen on a series of dates with John Hensley, who is 12 years her junior and plays her teenage son in Nip/Tuck. Aged 24, Joely began an affair with Scottish businessman Archie Stirling, who as well as being more than twice her age was also married to the actress Diana Rigg.

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