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John t grant jr dating

(1992) Radiocarbon Dating Dinosaur Bone: More Pseudoscience from Creationists. (1993) Ikaite precipitation by mixing of shoreline springs and lake water, Mono Lake, California, USA. Geology, University of Delaware 1971 Stafford, Thomas W., Jr. (1982) Isolation of proline and hydroxyproline from fossil bone. (1990) Accelerator 14C dating of two micromammal species representative of the Late Pleistocene disharmonious fauna from Peccary Cave, Newton, County, Arkansas.

(1987) Study of bone radiocarbon dating accuracy at the University of Arizona NSF accelerator facility for radioisotope analysis. (1996) A revised chronology for cultural and non-cultural mammoth and mastodon fossil in the southwestern Lake Michigan basin. (1996) Radiocarbon geochemistry of modern and ancient arctic lake systems, Baffin Island, Canada. (1988) Radiocarbon, 13C, and 15N analysis of fossil bone: removal of humates with XAD-2 resin. (1988) Accelerator dates on charcoal, shell, and human bone from the Del Mar early Man site, California. (1991) The isotopic composition of carbon and nitrogen in individual amino acids isolated from modern and fossil protein. (1991) Chronology of Holocene vertebrate extinction in the Galapagos Islands. Associate Research Professor University of Aarhus AMS 14C Dating Centre Department of Physics & Astronomy Ny Munkegade 120 Aarhus, Denmark Office: 45 87 15 64 15 Cell: 45 21 18 38 58 Email: twstafford at Ph. (1981) Alluvial geology and archaeological potential of the Texas Southern High Plains. (1997) Direct radiocarbon dating of late Pleistocene mammals from the Dutchess Quarry Caves, New York: lack of evidence for association with paleoindians. Maat (1997) Late Holocene eolian activity in the mineralogically mature Nebraska Sand Hills.


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