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On July 29, 2014, VH1 announced the third season renewal of Hit the Floor.

The creator of the show, James La Rosa, as well as the show itself announced on Twitter that Hit the Floor would be returning January 18, 2016.

Derek Roman (Mc Kinley Freeman) tries to lure Ahsha away from her boyfriend, German Vega (Jonathan Mc Daniel).

The more she resists his advances, the more persistent [and tempting] he becomes as German's insecurity overwhelms him.

Pete Davenport is about to find that out firsthand on Hit The Floor when his soon-to-be ex, Lionel, arrives at Devils Arena looking for him The divorce papers haven’t been signed yet VH1 is about to own your summer nights.That means it's the perfect time to look back on all the craziness that's happened in Season 3, and Starpulse sat down with scene stealer...Read More VH1’s “Hit the Floor” made 1.7 million people hit the couch to catch the Season 3 premiere.We love them: their style, swag and sickening bodies.It’s no surprise that we woke up thinking sweet things about Katherine Bailess who plays Get ready to cheer harder that the LA Devil Girls ever have: Hit The Floor has officially been picked up for season three!We are SO excited that the drama, sex, and mystery will continue for another year — oh, and the dancing.By God, there will Thursday night VH1 premiered the first episode of the most radical dating show television has ever aired, Dating Naked, and earlier this week the debut of the show was celebrated with a premiere party in NYC.She quickly discovers that her mother lied and kept secrets involving life as a Devil Girl herself.Unsure whom to trust, Ahsha must navigate her own way through the dangerous and temptation-filled world of pro basketball.On April 1, 2016, VH1 greenlit an hour-long summer special for Hit The Floor to answer the cliffhangers raised in the third-season finale, which aired on September 5, 2016.The season finale of VH1's Hit the Floor is just days away.


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