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Kitten dating

There is however a new online dating trend to watch out for and it’s something that we’ve all probably experienced without even knowing it. While Catfishing involves taking on a whole new identity, Kittenfishing is on a much smaller scale, with the concept involving misrepresenting your appearance while online dating.Introducing Kittenfishing, a watered down form of Catfishing that nearly all of us have either experienced or done ourselves. While you may think, ‘I’ve never done that’ or ‘that’s never happened to me’, you might want to think again.It can help shed light on our own insincere practices and hopefully inspire us to be more honest.

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It's an act that even the best us have probably been guilty of to some extent.

That’s because their matchmakers interview all potential dates in person before they’re matched with you.

The girl's profile picture was from like 10 years ago.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — If online dating isn’t getting you to the second date there may be a good reason — and it may be something you’re guilty of doing.

Imagine communicating with a woman online only to discover it was a man all along.


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