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“Deconstructive Insights in Mahakavi Devkota’s Selected Poems.” Dr. “Exploring the Performative Quality of Devkota’s Selected Poems .” Prabhu Yadav.

Shankar Raj Pant, also a neighbor of Mahakavi Devkota, inaugurated the conference and gave highlighted the life and works of the poet.

“Aging Body: The Forbidden Territory in Devkota’s Selected Texts.” Shraddha pokhrel.

The panelists were Hriseekesh Upadhyay, Hari Adhikari, Shreedhar Gautam and Manfred Treu. Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Dekvota Study and Research Centre organized its Ninth Annual Conference and Devkota’s 107th Birth Anniversary from November 11-12, 2016 at IACER, Baneshwor Heights, Kathmandu. Amma Raj Joshi, Head of the Central Department of English, TU. Sudha Tripathi, the Rector of TU, inaugurated the conference and delivered a speech.

Devkota’s poems were recited during the inaugural session. The papers presented at the conference were as follows: Prof.


  1. Devkota collaborated. The 15 inscriptions dating back 700 years mention that the rocks. Advertorial/features Ram Krishna Banjara Subscription Santosh.

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  4. CONFERENCES. 10. Mahakavi Devkota Study and Research Centre organized its Tenth Annual. "Dating the Composition of the Essay. Bal Krishna Sharma.

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