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In this very serious episode we start off talking about basic dating safety and having a plan of escape if you are having an unpleasant date.I just made up a nifty new name for this section of the blog. I figured since I’m in the Young Women’s presidency at church, and I’m in charge of activities that I might as well post what we’ve done.I thought about that and came up with this idea for a mutual activity… I know it sounds weird to speed date with your Young Women, but it actually turned out pretty well.I searched online for the rules of speed dating, and even found a bunch of sample questions one could use while speed dating.With babies being born and holidays, we just kinda got caught up in ourselves and felt very distant.We decided that we needed to remedy that and work at getting to know them better.

However if you have absolutely no affinity with in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then please look elsewhere. We go through new / changed profiles on a daily basis and we purge profiles that do not meet our standards.We have a small group, so I set up 3 tables with 2 chairs at each table.I set the timer for 3 minutes, and when the timer was up, one side moved down to the next seat.We don’t have any figures with regards to Latter-Day Saints, but it seems that nowadays every ward has at least a few couples that met online. However we DO NOT verify our LDS singles’ ID’s, their physical addresses, their standing in the church / temple worthiness, the truthfulness of any of their communications, etc.If you require this level verification then please do not join True LDS (or even Facebook for that matter), but hire a private detective! “I have a boyfriend, but someone else asked me out and I want to say yes. ”The LDS Dating podcast is all about YOU and your dating questions! The real question is how can you prepare yourself to cut through the awkward and get your desired ending. From there we go into the heavy topic of worst case scenarios (date rape) and how to prepare for them, so you can avoid them entirely, or when cornered put up a fight! Or should you break things off and enjoy getting to know other people?True LDS is in no way affiliated with Pirirform or CCleaner. Can I still send Free messages to other LDS singles? This means that we do not hold any of your personal information, except for your e-mail address.True LDS used to allow single Mormons to communicate free of charge. The password that you use to access True LDS is safely encrypted in our databases and is not visible to us.Regardless of whether you are a Latter-Day saint or not we expect all of our members to maintain the standards as set forth by the church! This is usually because:• There is no picture.• The profile has no or very little text.• The profile has not been in use for some time. Writing an essay is not necessary, but at least a sentence or two would be nice.An incomplete online dating profile is as good as good as having none; you will get very few reactions. The fact is that some members like to send one liners such as ‘Hey Hello’, ‘You seem nice’, ‘let’s chat’ or simply use the system’s default messages.


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