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Legal requirements for updating sppp

The ARM, MIPS, and PPC ports saw quite a bit of progress, as did several other SMPng and Netgraph projects.

Free BSD 5.3 is just around the corner, so don't hesitate to grab a snapshot and test the progress!

This installment of the Bi-Monthly Status Report is a few days late, but I'm pleased to say that it is chocked full of over 30 articles.

Both should be integrated to the Free BSD CVS repository shortly.This is a third family of Cronyx adapters that is supported by Free BSD now.Now all three drivers cx(4), ctau(4) and cp(4) are on both major branches (HEAD and RELENG_4). Current work is concentrated on locking both for adapters drivers and for sppp (see my other report for additional information). The Free BSD Brazilian Documentation Project is an effort of the Brazilian Free BSD Users Group (FUG-BR) to translate the available documentation to pt_BR.In addition to technical and grammatical review, a number of HTML output assumptions in the document need to be corrected. The accuracy of the automatic classification algorithm has been improved by assigning a higher priority to port names found in pieces of Makefiles.Several bugs had to be fixed due to the transition from bento to pointyhat.One can configure multiple network environments (eg, home, work, university).After this initial configuration, the laptop detects automatically in what environment it is started and configures itself accordingly.Both should be done before 5-STABLE is branched, although additional drivers can be imported during the lifetime of 5-STABLE as well.The buf-junta project is underway, I am trying to bisect the code such that we get a struct bufobj which is the handle and method carrier for a buffer-cache object.We are still on the look for translators and people that are willing to check the current html documentation.If you are interested, contact me at the email address shown above.


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