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Usually they will have been set up a few days before or have just a few ‘likes’ - such as Dattch or lesbian dating in London,” says Exton.

Dattch keeps a close eye on its user accounts and claims it can verify each one through Facebook, guaranteeing users a male-free environment in which to meet other gay, bi-sexual or bi-curious women.

They spell it “Heyyy.” Fans of playing pranks and drinking games, a simple conversation just isn’t enough for these ladies. And if you’re already too far in to one of these women to pull yourself away?

When in their natural habitat, they’re insufferable and loud, reminding you of a group of 14-year-old girls at their first un-chaperoned party. - Unless you want to resign yourself to evenings of ear-piercing shrieking and a constant level of excitement/enthusiasm that even a 12-year-old in a candy store couldn’t maintain, then back away.

Exton and a number of other app developers have recently introduced many screening measures to identify and eject male users.

“Some guys do go so far as to set up fake Facebook accounts, but these are quite easy to spot.

Not that everyone isn’t entitled to their own opinions, but in my view this is oppression from within. They also always have perfect eyebrows, for some reason. Although all the better for raising them disapprovingly at people, I suppose. - Because why would you want to associate with someone who doesn’t understand how demeaning it is not to be able to live a True Life?

Being Bisexual (damn right, that’s a capital B) and being a lesbian is the same flavour of sexuality and, although we’re different, there should be no scowling or judgemental glares. Gold Star Snobs are just as oppressive to the LGBT movement as homophobic people.

Even the app developers admit this is a problem: so-called "catfishing" - where someone pretends to be someone they are not by setting up a fake online profile on Facebook or any other social media site - is alive and kicking, they say.

By registering with you’ll be the first to hear about these events, giving you the best chance of finding a gay date.

At match we know that dating can sometimes be tricky, so we’ve put together a range of gay dating advice articles to help you along the way.

My straight friends find the concept of me seeing someone my ex has dated really quite squeamish, but it sort of comes with the territory in Gay-Land. So here are the 5 types of lesbian/bi woman that I recommend should be avoided at all costs: The Alpha Addict Traits - Image obsessed, often narcissistic and always devastatingly beautiful, the Alpha Addict is to be avoided at all costs. Scene Queens Traits - Sort of the poor-woman’s Alpha.

Unashamedly arrogant, self important and probably emotionally unavailable; addicted to maintaining their reputation as Alpha Lesbian at all costs, they can be spotted at the bar never buying their own drinks, often stringing along many a woeful woman, and consider themselves top of the lesbian food chain. - Because, although the character of Shane is fun to watch on screen (and yeah, I totally would) it’s not the sort of woman you’d aspire to be or be with, surely? Not something that spells out long-term-relationship. If you’re going for this kind of girl, you need a serious self-esteem check. Scene Queens are always out and about and never one to miss a weekday girl’s night.


  1. Next time you want to say that you wish you were a lesbian. In saying that they wish they could be lesbians simply to avoid dating men, straight women are.

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  3. Gay Dating and Lesbian Dating. 5 ways gay dating is exactly the same to straight dating. Gay dating – everything you need to know if you’re back on the prowl.

  4. The LGBT dating scene is not only smaller and infinitely more exclusive than the scope offered to straight people, we also have a whole lot more politics to worry about.

  5. Jan 21, 2018 Everyone is always asking me What is it like to be a lesbian dating straight women? What are some of the cons of dating a straight girl?

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