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Lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones

Misick resigned from office in March 2009 after an investigation found "clear signs of corruption" involving selling off public land to fund his own investments.

He fled Turks and Caicos, and was eventually arrested in Brazil and extradited back to the islands to stand trial.

“I was really surprised that they were so open about their relationship.

I heard the rumors that they had been dating, but all doubt was removed watching this show,” explained our source.

known as Lisa Raye, is an American actress, model, businesswoman and fashion designer.

Mc Coy is best known for portraying Diana "Diamond" Armstrong in the 1998 film The Players Club, Neesee James on the UPN/The CW sitcom All of Us from 2003 until 2007 and Keisha Greene in the VH1 romantic comedy series Single Ladies which originally aired from 2011–2014.

Especially since Noel Jones regularly appears on radio...There have been rumors of a romance between actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy and renowned preacher, Bishop Noel Jones since 2011.Back in November of 2011, an arbitrary blog even ran an erroneous report that the two were getting married, which they quickly denied. Obnoxious got a tip from a friend Juan Muarry that it is all true. Obnoxious can confirm that the former First Lady of Turks & Caicos and the pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles are in a serious relationship – so serious that it is a featured storyline on the upcoming reality series, “Pastors of LA” just greenlit by Oxygen. Obnoxious recently attended a private screening of the pilot and was “taken aback” by the couple’s relationship.She did shows in churches and high schools in her native Chicago.In addition to acting, Mc Coy has also appeared in dozens of music videos, including "Know Filter 2" by Shleah, Tugoa, T.According to several online reports, Mc Coy and Jones have been in a serious relationship for a good while and were considering making it official.However, Mc Coy responded to the rumors Monday on her Twitter account (@The Real LRaye): “Come on come on y’all…IF I was engaged u would see a ring 1st of all AND that wouldn’t b a secret becuz 1 would b happy u think? Thanks” Mc Coy did not deny being in a relationship with Jones.She also appeared in The Wood, opposite Omar Epps, Rhapsody, All About You, and Go for Broke.In 2003, Mc Coy starred as Neesee James in the UPN/ The CW sitcom All of Us, where she played Duane Martin's ex-wife. Mc Coy began her career as a model for fashion, but before that she was married to Archie Amerson.In all of this, I haven't heard the Bishop say a word, but I suppose one is not necessary anyway.The rumor mill was hard at work Monday over claims from an “inside” source that actress Lisa Raye Mc Coy is in a serious relationship with megachurch pastor Noel Jones, who leads The City of Refuge church in Gardena, Calif., and that the two were preparing to wed.


  1. This should settle the issue. Let me tell you this though, if Bishop Noel Jones is "like a father to the faith" which was said on another program when Raye.

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  3. Rumors sparked back in 2011 that she was dating romantic notable preacher, Bishop Noel. Noel Jones, Lisa Raye McCoy. LisaRaye McCoy and Bishop Noel Jones.

  4. It has been reported that LisaRaye MAY be engaged to, or may be dating Bishop Noel Jones, a popular pastor of a church in Los Angeles Via the Christian.

  5. Rumors Of LisaRaye And Bishop Noel Joes Was A Staged Relationship For Upcoming Reality. dating-bishop-noel-jones. McCoy And Bishop Noel Jones.

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