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If it is motionless, flat on the desk, then an acceleration of 1g should be felt on the z-axis, while the others feel around 0.

Test the other axes by rotating the board and making them feel the pull of gravity.

In that case the I Before you can plug the breakout board into a breadboard, or connect it to anything, you’ll need to solder connectors or wires to the break-out pins.

What, exactly, you solder into the board depends on how you’re going to use it.

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If you’re using a breadboard to hook it up, we recommend straight male headers.We’ve written an Arduino library to make interfacing with the MMA8452Q as easy as can be. Or you can grab the latest, greatest version over on the Git Hub repository.To install the library, extract the MMA8452Q_Basic to open the example sketch.If you close the jumper, by applying a small solder blob to connect both pads together, SA0 will be pulled to ground.For most use cases, where you’re only using one MMA8452Q, you can leave this jumper untouched.The breakout board includes a jumper, on the back side, to help tie this pin high or low.By default the jumper is open, which will pull the SA0 pin high (there’s a resistor on the top side of the board to help accomplish that task).The MMA8452Q features a selectable IC address – just in case you’re running multiple MMA8452Qs on the same bus (or maybe you have an address conflict).To select the address, a pin on the accelerometer – “SA0” – can be tied to either power or ground.We’ve taken that accelerometer and stuck it on a breakout board, in order to make interfacing with the tiny, QFN package a bit easier. It supports three, selectable sensing ranges: ± 2g, 4g, or 8g.It sports features like orientation detection, single and double-tap sensing, and low power modes.


  1. Introduction. Freescale’s MMA8452Q is a smart, low-power, three-axis, capacitive micro-machined accelerometer with 12 bits of resolution. It’s perfect for any.

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