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That includes Sunday’s second debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton at which, Trump has previously promised, he will refrain, if at all possible, from making rough comments about Hillary Clinton’s husband, former POTUS Bill Clinton.

Meanwhile, another Trump surrogate, Scottie Hell Hughes, told CNN’s Erin Burnett the audio and video tape proves only that Trump was part of the entertainment industry at the time – “a world that produces movies, and books and songs that use this type of language.

“I moved on her, actually, ” Trump, who at the time was a grandfather and had been married his current wife for a few months, is heard saying in the tape. In 2012 another passion blossomed: He decided to become a fine arts painter. In late February, Bush released Portraits of Courage, a coffee table book that showcases his paintings and the personal stories of 98 veterans — many of them amputees and most suffering from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or post-traumatic stress (PTS). (For details, see Bush ) Recently, Bush sat down in Dallas at the George W. As you know, AARP is very interested in how Americans can stay productive and engaged in their 50s and beyond. Life's final chapters ought to be just as full as its initial chapters. So in 2012, a Yale professor recommended a book of Churchill's essays about his passion for painting. Bush Presidential Center with Executive Editor William W. The former chief executive was by turns gracious and funny, humble and deadly serious, and very eager to talk about painting, veterans — and life after leaving the biggest job in the world. What advice do you give to veterans who have left what might have been the biggest job in their lives? You left a very big job and started thinking about what you wanted to do, then started doing those things.All proceeds from the book will be donated to the institute. The problem with taking it easy is that it sounds attractive at first, until you get into a routine of doing nothing. When he jumped out of the airplane in 2014 at age 90, he did it not only to prove to himself that he had youthful vigor, but because he wanted to set an example. Maybe somebody's life will be enriched when they read this article. But I wasn't stretching my knowledge or imagination. The paintings in the book will be on display at the Bush library through September 2017. And you don't expand your mind or help anybody else. Because if George Bush can paint— And you certainly can. And I became a little antsy — that's the word to describe it. “ “If we’re going to hold him accountable for the words he used eleven years ago, then we need to hold Hollywood celebrities accountable for their actions today and not allow them to be on the screen saying these same words,” Hughes argued. the Donald Trump I spent 18 months with traveling,” Lewandowski pressed. And so, let me say, we’re appointing a leader – electing a leader to the free world.In an outreach to evangelical voters, Lewandowski said he checked in with Jerry Falwell Jr. We’re not electing a Sunday school teacher.” Meanwhile, Billy Bush, who was working for at the time of the incident, but now works for NBC News,issued a statement apologizing for the language heard in the tape. You can do anything,” Trump is heard in the recording, which Wa Po broke two days before the candidate’s second debate with Dem candidate Hillary Clinton.


  1. May 31, 2017. President George W. Bush's third act includes helping veterans—and becoming an artist--through painting and careful study from his home in Texas. Thanks for taking time to chat, Mr. President. As you know, AARP is very interested in how Americans can stay productive and engaged in their 50s and.

  2. Nov 3, 2000. CNN online chat, August 30 2000. •"We cannot let. •"I want you to know that farmers are not going to be secondary thoughts to a Bush administration. •"States should have the right to enact reasonable laws and restrictions particularly to end the inhumane practice of ending a life that otherwise could live.

  3. Explore Royal HALL's board "men s room 2nd bush on the left" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Black man, Black men and Black people.

  4. Yo, Blair, what are you doing?" was an informal greeting reportedly made by United States President George W. Bush to British Prime Minister Tony Blair during the summit of the Group of Eight industrialized nations G8 in St Petersburg, Russia, on 17 July 2006. The quote gained wide popularity across the media.

  5. Aug 21, 2017. Neil Car and Terry Cass have been together for 14 years and engaged for nine. They say they're just another couple in Bathurst and should be able to get married. But not everyone in the NSW town agrees.

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