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“Now with these kids going around doing these funny, funny things, actually it is difficult even with us as a university to buy some product on the internet, because once you key in and they found out that your , your IP (Internet Protocol) show that you are from Ghana they block it.So certainly that is causing us a lot of problems but I don’t think we can blame that on unemployment.The landscape is very beautiful up there, there are a lot of rocks.The buildings in the north are also very unique they are made of mud, they have paintings, they are very beautiful. Jim OBrien is the founder of our West Africa specialist supplier, Native Eye Travel.You can explore the village in the company of a local guide and go and meet the king of the village, you can look at the Lobi houses, which are the fortress style houses. Waakye is a very good option for vegetarians it is rice and beans.Its quite low key, but its an example of a community there empowering themselves and dictating tourism on their own terms rather than having it imposed on them. Red red is very good, its made with beans and palm oil. Fufu we eat a lot but I think it is a bit strange for visitors to get used to! Everything you hear about Ghanaians being friendly is true, and the more open you are towards them, the more you will get out of it.Police and agents for Western Union and Moneygram were easy to pay off, they said.It is not clear who leaked the chat nor is it known if both parties sealed and executed a deal, but it throws light on the sort of intense negotiations that go on between sex workers and clients before a deal is sealed.

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“I think it is bad but, because of youth unemployment, we don’t have a work, sometimes when you sit down and think what you are doing is bad but you are in it you don’t have any option,” said Ama.

However, some experts say there is more to it than unemployment.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, president of Accra Institute of Technology says Ghana’s reputation for cybercrime was affecting what could be a booming E-commerce industry and like in Nigeria, which is also notorious for Internet scams, tech savvy youths are simply taking the easy way out.

The opposition, New Patriotic Party said it will liberate the private sector as an engine of job growth, invest in inner cities and achieve double digit growth in power.

Experts say many African countries face a race to increase growth fast enough to absorb young people entering the labour market as the continent’s population swells in coming decades.


  1. Days ago. Forty-six UN peacekeepers from Ghana have been recalled from their base in northwestern South Sudan following allegations of sexual exploitation of women sheltering at the site, a UN spokesman said Monday.

  2. Nov 28, 2016. Some people go to dating websites looking for love. Others look for sex. Thousands of young people in Ghana's capital use the sites for something else to find foreign men to rip off. The young people create aliases using profile photos of porn actresses and start chatting online. Once trust is established.

  3. Sep 8, 2015. A relative recently explained to me how much more sex he's been having since getting married. When I congratulated him for disproving the stereotype of the post-marital sexual drought, he admitted without wincing that his supply was “extracurricular”. In modern-day, majority Christian Ghana, the polygamy.

  4. Instead, swim parallel to the shore and you will eventually end up outside the riptide; then you can swim back to shore. Most deaths occur when people exhaust themselves by trying to swim against the current. Homosexuality is illegal in Ghana; same sex couples should act discretely. Hello. If you'd like to chat about Ghana.

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