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The Hotel Beau Rivage, built in 1860, has a nice beach view and a long history as one of the first hotels on the promenade.

It was a former home away from home for guests including Henri Matisse, F. The 3 islands of Provence's Iles d'Hyeres, aka the Golden Isles, are a natural escape that's a far cry from the busy beach scene of the nearby French Riviera.

Nice is now the 2nd most visited city in France for gay tourists, after Paris, and with more than 35 gay outlets, we're sure there’s something for everyone.

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The largest of the 3, Porquerolles is still petite, stretching just 5 miles long and less than 2 miles wide.The town's swankiest hotels can be found here, including the Hotel Majestic Barriere and the towering white Hotel Martinez, which features an extensive private beach and a water-sports center.This is not the typical gay destination in Europe, but it is slowly becoming a popular spot.Thanks to their national-park status, the beaches safely maintain their fine white sands and natural splendor.But the real entity to thank is Mother Nature — the islands are widely recognized for enjoying sunny skies 275 days a year.The beach is roughly 4 miles, from the Old Town to the airport, and offers a combination of free and paid sections.Even some of the public beaches offer amenities such as chaise lounges and umbrellas for a reasonable fee.Wearing little more than bikinis — and sometimes even less — the rich, famous and exceptionally good-looking come to St. The jet-set crowd often includes some of the world's most recognizable faces, from Oprah Winfrey to Leonardo Di Caprio to party-scene staple Paris Hilton.The harbor is filled with mega-yachts, and the clubs and restaurants are filled with A-listers enjoying the carefree atmosphere.It may be the second-smallest -- and the most densely populated -- country in the world, but Monaco sees the world’s highest life expectancy.It doesn’t hurt that the Western European country, on the French Riviera, is home to the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world.


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