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Logitech revue updating account information

NOTE: I'm editing the review I posted earlier today, after discovering how well the Revue works to play media from an external hard drive connected by USB.That has bumped my rating up from 3 stars to 4, and I'm editing the text below accordingly.I have a Logitech Revue Google TV and recently for no reason at all Netflix stopped working on it. It’s simple enough to fix, but will drive you crazy if you experience the problem, since the only options it gives it “Try Again” or “Exit”.This is usually caused by conflicting login information caused by Netflix updating their security mechanisms.

They lost the video conferencing ability, but an i Pad or i Pod via Skype or Facetime over Air Play would suffice. My brother gave me an Apple TV v3 as well, and after playing with it, it reaffirmed to me that I do not like Apple's closed ecosystem or its tight grip on the use of its devices.But the price had been knocked down to a hundred bucks and a geekish friend liked his. I hooked the Revue to the cable box and my TV, but really haven't used it much. I got rid of cable TV - and of course the cable box - in favor of over-the-air channels (we have a good antenna and get great HD reception and several channels) plus whatever I can stream from the internet via our home network.So yesterday I sat down to get reacquainted with the Revue, now plugged directly into the TV only.In retrospect, I could have passed on this purchase and saved a hundred bucks, without missing much.But I was curious about it, and willing to spend the money to find out what it was about.I have been considering to get 2 Logitech TV Cam HD units, which is a stand-alone, HDMI-connected, Skype video conferencing device.5.Memory leaks would eventually slow down the Revue, requiring a reboot.I can get the same information (news, entertainment) with less awkward maneuvering (keyboard remote, etc.) on my computers and tablets.4) If I want to check email or surf the Net from the sofa, I can do it with my smartphone, notebook PC, Kindle Fire, or Android tablet, much less awkwardly than by balancing the Revue's keyboard/remote on my lap and trying to read things on the 42" TV several feet away.I'm keeping it for now, because:1) The Logitech media app works so well with the USB-connected external hard drive.Its interface was also better than Apple TV v3: as you fast-forwarded/rewound through the movie, you were presented with thumbnails. Keyboard was nearly full-sized, allowing for quicker typing.The included Touch Pad also worked very well, and using TWO fingers, you could scroll up and down pages with it. Compared to the Apple TV, Roku, or Play Station 3, finding things was galaxies easier on the Revue keyboard.3.


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