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After this Apple considers a battery to be “consumed”, and this is the point at which you may start to notice problems, if not battery status warnings.

If your Mac Book is still within warranty (or covered by Apple Care) and you’re experiencing problems while the cycle count is significantly below 1000 then you should book an appointment with an Apple genius because the battery may have a manufacturing defect.

It just won’t last as long as it once did, and a Replace Soon status message will almost certainly appear.

Apple says its Mac Book range retain 80% of their charge capacity after 1000 charge cycles, and that’s been the case with most models since 2009.You can visit Apple’s official forums and check out You Tube tutorials for fixes to other common flaws.If all else fails, reset the System Manager Controller (SMC) which returns hardware settings to default values, and basically sees the Mac Book re-evaluate the battery from scratch, removing the chance that the device has an incorrect status likes the ones mentioned above.Unfortunately problems with Mac Book batteries do arrise, including the Mac Book not lasting as long as it once did on a full charge, or the Mac Book switching itself off seemingly randomly even if the battery appears to indicate a useful charge.Here we examine how you can give some older Mac laptops a new lease of life by examining and replacing their batteries.This process involves charging the battery, draining it completely and then charging it again.This might sound rudimentary but it’s worthwhile, especially if your battery only ever holds around 50% of its charge.However, the last two statuses – Replace Now and Service Battery – are indications that the battery is near dead.Read: How to get more battery life from your Mac In addition, you can download third-party battery monitoring apps, like Battery Squeezer, Coconut Battery and Battery Health, to monitor and auto-throttle energy-sapping apps running in the background.It should be noted that a charge cycle doesn’t necessarily mean entirely running out of juice from a full charge.Using 50% of the battery life one day before recharging and using 50% the next day will mean one charge cycle has been notched-up.


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