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Among contemporary Mennonites the nuclear family tends to predominate.New households are typically created in each generation, usually but not necessarily at marriage, and are ordinarily dissolved at the death of the last spouse. Inheritance practices vary from group to group and through time.Was this a custom when dealing with a newborn and other children in the family?

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In 1536, Menno Simons, a former Dutch Catholic priest, joined their ranks, rising to a leadership position.

So, well then, if you want to date her, you better follow these rules yet.

ROSETOWN, MB Brothers Jeff, Peter, Steve, Colin, John, Abe, and Patrick Brandt married sisters Rose, Mary Ann, Sally, Susan, Nettie, Aileen and Ruth Janzen in Rosetown’s largest ever wedding this past week.

HAROLD DYCK Well, I see you’ve got eyes for my daughter Sarah. Dyck says she saw you looking across into the women’s section last Sunday and she told me after church, “Harold, you need to say something to that Klassen boy.” So, now, here I am, telling to you how it is.

I understand that Sarah is getting up there in age–she’s almost 19 already–and I don’t want her to be a spinster forever.


  1. A conversation with 20-somethings. I am a 57-year-old woman in a comfortable 26-year marriage, and I think a lot about sex. The reason? I have a 21-year-old son, who.

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