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Methodology for validating software metrics

A note to our readers: You asked so we have developed a set of features that allow you to reduce the noise: you can get email and web notifications for topics you are interested in. In general selecting a software development methodology has more in common with joining a cult than it does with making a technical decision.Many companies do not even attempt to evaluate methods, but merely adopt the most popular, which today constitute the many faces of agile.

The data itself comes from studies with a number of clients who collectively use a wide variety of software methods.We propose that this be a true joint effort, with early involvement between researchers and practitioners to establish what to measure and how to measure them.The critical need is for software metrics that can be calculated early in the software development cycle to estimate the time and cost involved in software construction.For this article the term is used for projects that more or less follow the 1997 agile manifesto, have embedded users to provide requirements, use user stories, divide projects into discrete sprints that are developed individually, and use the scrum concept and daily status meetings.Minimizing paperwork and accelerating development speeds are top goals of agile. Software metrics that are to be used for time, cost, or reliability estimates should be validated statistically via data analyses that take into consideration the application, size, implementation language, and programming techniques employed.Such research should concentrate on metrics useful for large programs.(Note that the actual applications being compared ranged from about 800 function points in size to 1,300.The author has a proprietary method for mathematically adjusting application sizes to a fixed size in order to facilitate side-by-side comparisons.) Methodologies in Alphabetic Order Since not every reader may be familiar with every method, here are short descriptions of the ones in the article: Agile with scrum: The term “agile” is ambiguous and there are many flavors of agile.Is one methodology enough, or should companies utilize several based on the kinds of projects they need to develop?Unfortunately due to lack of quantified data and comparisons among methodologies, selecting a software development method is more like joining a cult than a technical decision.


  1. Discriminative efficiency methodology for validating software quality classification models. His research interests are in software complexity metrics.

  2. Validating software metrics Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. A detailed example of the application of methodology is presented Notes.

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