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Being that I occasionally ( way too occasionally) get the pleasure of a womans company for the evening, I need advice on what to wear.

I am looking for advice on what is appropriate, stylish and attractive datewear for a guy in his mid 30's.

i have found that the guys who are against "Metro" culture are the same ones who feel that if they step foot into a gay bar they will suddenly be ravaged and raped by multitudes of****hungry men........ wouldnt do it againhe was the most vain person ever......

he looked at himself in the mirror constanltyspent a fortune on cologene, clothing and hair products..used my hairspray and oil of olay !!!! its just a really vaine selfish guyinto lots of material loved his sportscar and truck. he even folded his underwear a certain way and they all had to line up EVENLY. Guy should be clean and well groomed but there is apoint its just too much LOLHe was also overly macho... only this one was into tanning his well-muscled bod..but, he wasn't "MACHO"... I'm t-shirt and shorts normally, although my closet is well organized.

"Metrosexual man, the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are) is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade," I predicted.

Metro's are not gay, they are straight men that tend to groom themselves like a gay man to put it simply, they are not effeminent, yes some can be players but no more then hockey jocks or Gangsta's, and to group a whole section of male society like that is just ignorant.

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Reality is that I am pretty much incapable of knowing for myself what looks good. Seriously I own work boots, a closet filled with flannel shirts, and several hunter orange garments.Sadly I am not kidding, and I agree that Carhart overalls and flannel are ideal if her idea of a "date" includes a chainsaw or some landscaping, I was thinking more along the lines of the traditional dinner and a movie sort of date. Particularitly the night we had it at the John B's... Plain t-shirt, or concert t or something along those lines. OR- a nice slim fitting long sleeved t-shirt- like one of those waffle t's. I have a friend who does this and he always looks fantastic!AND he gets the odd date from the sales clerks too!My everyday clothing leans heavily towards Carhart and flannel shirts so I will be grateful for any advice from both stylish women, and resident metrosexuals. I have the retrosexual thing covered, what I need is something a little more fashion forward mid 30's huh.....age as me ... I would imagine it would depend on WHERE you were going and WHAT you were doing on the date. I've gotten lots of people send me messages saying I look great in it! I took a fella there recently for some new trendier jeans and a shirt under 0.00. I agree a pair of comfy (maybe )expensive leather shoes and you can't go wrong...hmmm lemme think i think shorts ...lipstick and red toenails..ask spaz if you can borrow his feather hat.... Value Village and Wallmart are the first choices .... Carharts and flannel is suitable for a hiking date, a horseback riding date etc....shorts and T is suitable for a beach or park date.....Even I know that much!!! the one thin I would say to don't leave home without would be.... along with others wearing it in my profile....courtesy of Scorpio Sweetiepie.... My suggestion (being late 20's I am probably closer to the age you would be dating): Jeans- Levis' are fine, or hit Bootlegger or the Gap- they will put you in something modern. If all else fails walk into the Gap, Bootlegger, West 49, Bluenotes and see if the clothes in those stores are anything you can see yourself wearing. Tell her you have 0 to spend and need casual clothes, and get her to dress you.He had a lot of skin lotions and tried to take really good care of his skin, but I just think that's smart. I'm very much a woman, not prissy, but extremely feminine, but I love football and am a bit of a tomboy as I grew up with 3 older brothers, so I played ping pong, baseball and basketball on a regular basis.He didn't go have manicures or pedicures but he would have done a facial if I had offered, probably. Didn't affect my sensuality or my sexuality or my femininity at QUick story, think you'll find it amusing.I would figure it also depends on how you look/ style. This all goes hand in hand with my winning and charming personality.... go with what makes you comfortablepersonally im the casual cargo/t-shirt kinda gal and american outfitters is one of my fav stores which has clothing for both men and women a tip though.. the only reasaon she into American Outfitters is because they have developed a material that can use spilled coffee as cleaner. Seriously though, wear what you feel most comfortable in...What works for one persons build can look like a car wreck on someone elses. Not that i know about fashion cause hey, my sense of fashion goes by what is most comfortable. ever heard the expression "comfortable in ones skin"? start spending some time in second hand stores - you'll develop a more descerning eye and save bucks too, not to mention the more 'grass roots' level you'll be contributing to... 'Most of the people I've dated have been lesbian, not bisexual.Almost every single one has made me feel 'less-than' because I admit that I'm attracted to men sometimes.


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