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As individuals, people felt helpless to accomplish their desires and so in different places they were led by different types of people to believe that these desires could be accomplished in different ways.

To me the real strength of the democratic theory in opposition to the fascist or communist is that the fascist frankly states that certain people will tell other people what they shall do to be happy, and those other people have little or nothing to say about it.

In 19, two brothers in the import/export business, Benjamin and Raymond Lepow, gave FDR live rare African animals!

The first set of animals, a lynx kitten and a serval felis kitten, were presented to FDR in 1934. The fact that FDR’s cousin and predecessor as president, Theodore Roosevelt, had been unable to capture these species on his big game expeditions.

In 1945, the annual March of Dimes campaign raised .9 million for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

The March of Dimes (as the National Foundation became known) financially supported the research and development of a polio vaccine by Jonas Salk in 1955, eradicating the disease throughout most of the world by the 1960s. President Roosevelt bestows Congressional Medal of Honor on Brigadier General James Doolittle for a successful raid on Tokyo. April 21, 1945 “WASHINGTON, Friday—There is always a certain emotional strain about the last time for anything.

In theory the communists were to do everything in common, in practice a small group there also tells other people what they shall do to achieve their objectives.

The White House accepted the kittens and sent them to the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

Unfortunately, the poor kitties came down with a case of rickets, so could not be exhibited right away.

Three years later, Benjamin and Raymond again sent African animals to FDR–this time a pair of midget Tropical Porcupines.

Pieces of cake were later given as gifts to friends and British schoolchildren.

One such gift was sent to Eleanor Roosevelt soon after the Royal wedding.


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