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Someone needs to ask Cathy Weseluck about what Spike thinks about all of his brushes with oblivion at the next convention she goes to.

If the little guy gets any more episodes, he’ll end up owing life debts to half of Equestria and a 10-release pass to Discord.

This must’ve caught a bunch of you off guard, especially after we saw Flash-animated timberwolves back in Season 2. If I were an animator with limited amounts of time and resources, I'd prioritize getting scenes like this done over getting them perfect and losing out on the rest of the episode, and I believe the animators did an outstanding job making these scenes come to life. Maybe it’s how Mike West and Emmett Hall boarded this scene out, or how Merriweather chose to phrase it—this is another wonderful Looney Tunes-esque gag as the de-limbed timberwolf realizes gravity is a bad ex that still has its number. On another note, did anyone else raise an eyebrow at how Applejack brushed off her heroism earlier as “something friends do for each other”?

In all seriousness, however, Spike has had a track record of fleeing from big beasties, especially since a lot of them could not have been solved with a dose of Ol' Greenie. I can take away two things from this picture: One: Everfree magic is best magic, and it mystifies me that Canterlot doesn't send down more mages to study its wild arts. Er, two: From the way Applejack is perfectly comfortable and ambulatory with a balloon cinched to the base of her tail, we can conclude that she is dark matter, too. This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who read the episode synopsis before yesterday’s episode, but considering that he’s the number one assistant of the most OCD unicorn in existence, I must admit his abject clumsiness throughout this episode is mystifying. If rescuing your friends from certain death merits the same feather-giving as tossing them a fiver when they don’t have enough money for a hay shake (the bums), just what kind of place is Equestria to its denizens?

Hasn’t Spike done a bunch of catering gigs before, without exploding the kitchen in the process?

This is almost like resurrection sickness, except for the price of not dying all of your stats cave by 100% (Wisdom by 120%) and you have to roll DC 40 checks on anything more complex than breathing (only DC 24).

Saint Paul is full of single men and women like you looking for dates, lovers, friendship, and fun.

One day, Seth asked him to write the followup for this episode. He then stormed out of the hypothetical Equestria Daily office building, going on to profane Applejack's name as he came to bed last night. Again, let’s go ahead and appreciate just how many pieces you have to animate in order to get a timberwolf.

I have since sent his ruined remains out to three of my relatives for safekeeping, and now this episode followup falls to me, Couch Crusader, to complete. Larson writing for Littlest Pet Shop and Amy Keating Rogers story editing for Care Bears, the show has definitely changed with its writers from past seasons. Counting the fangs, too, there are at LEAST fifty or sixty different elements that make one up one of these bad boys.

I zone out of like 900% of my conversations IRL and say "Yeah" and "Mm-hmm" before I realize they were asking me if I wanted it in the ears.

Spike sums up their attempts to get my attention quite nicely.


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