Mom expose butt

When you hear the words “soccer mom,” certain images definitely come to find. A woman who never misses her child’s games, and who always puts her kids first.However, appearances can sometimes be very deceiving.She told her friends that she would never have sex with the men, though she claimed to offer services such as “escort, erotic massage [and] private dancer.” “There is a very clear line between legal and illegal and she made sure that line was never crossed,” said her good friend Jamie Silvernail.“She knew if she crossed that line, she could jeopardize her kids.” This was more proof that Paige would do anything for her children.

Jones was a client of Birgfeld’s and was one of the last people to contact her. On the night Paige was murdered, Jones left his house late in the evening telling his wife he forgot to turn off the lights at work.

Even though the police felt they had made a major break in the case and began investigating former clients of Paige’s, they still turned up nothing.

Her family kept searching, desperate to bring Paige home.

On Thursday June 28, 2007, she traveled over 120 miles for a date with 37-year-old Howard Biegler, her first husband. Just after p.m., she called Biegler to tell him that she was almost home. Because Paige kept such unusual hours managing her different small businesses, her friends and even her own employees didn’t think anything of her absence until her daughter, Jess, made them call the police.

The next night the police made a terrifying discovery.


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