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Dont know if this is the right forum- but this issue has more to deal with dealing with children than sex, so I thought this must be the appropriate forum. I had to include seemingly irrelevant details for the readers to better understand our relationship.

Well, I am a single mom, aged 37- with a 17 (almost 18) year old son living with me.

I didnt go in but from the sound behind the door- things were pretty obvious.

I just turned and went down and called out to him from the dining room asking him to come down.

With all this in mind, i will come to my problem now. I am not looking for a permenant or exclusive relationship, however I enjoy good company of an attractive man, intelligent conversation, dancing, flirtation, and sometimes even some physical intimacy.I told him it was ok when he was older to consume alcohol as long as alcohol doesnt consume him.He does drink, not in that sense of the word, but an occasional beer at home with me or when he goes camping or fishing with his friends.I acted normally with both of them and didnt confront them or let it out that i had come upstairs.After she was gone and after dinner, i sat talking with my son and casually brought the topic up and told him what happened.I date regularly, but it is more fun and casual than anything casual.It is more of a diversion from the drudgery of everyday life, I like it when a man romances me and all the fun with it, it makes me feel young and alive and it re-vitalizes me.Sex is not a taboo topic in our house, I accidently caught him and his girlfriend at the time in his room one time about 15 months ago.I didnt actually see anything, I had just come home and I was carrying some of his drycleaning that i had picked up and taking it up to his room.See, we have a very good mother relationship relationship, and as i was his only parent in his teen years I have been a very supportive and approachable parent to him.He is a good kid, good at studies, plays sports, plays the guitar, doesnt drink/smoke or do drugs.


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