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Most intimidating music online dating in korea

But while you may not go out of your way to intimidate, some of the habits and techniques you’ve picked up might be creating a harsher impression than you realize.

In fact, a few of the common tips for speakers, including how to come across as more “authoritative” and “powerful,” can actually backfire. It’s pretty easy to appear colder and more stern than you intend to.

He strides up to the front of the room and glowers at the students, then launches into a no-nonsense monologue that quickly establishes Snape’s intimidating persona.

The then Sunderland manager paid a British transfer record for a goalkeeper, but would end up making a show of Gordon in training.

Keane wasn't happy with a goal the keeper conceded, so thought he'd show them how it was done, and jumped in goal.

"I put the gloves on and I said that if they could get the ball past me I’d give them a thousand pounds each but, if they missed, they’d have to give me a hundred. I tipped a few on to the bar, on to the post, and I kept a clean sheet.

It can help you build momentum and capture an audience’s attention.

But when your repeated phrases take the form of a “drill-down”–a rapid-fire succession of questions–whatever power you were hoping to convey just becomes off-putting and abrasive.


  1. Feb 10, 2014. After performing for Paul and Ringo, Imagine Dragons have lost the ability to get nervous.

  2. Aug 10, 2013. If you've ever had the privilege of seeing the Statue of Liberty in person, you were probably struck with a mix of patriotism and awe, immediately followed by a twinge of boredom. Lady Liberty is great and all, but unless she's kicking ass in a Toby Keith song or flipping out in front of a tax preparation office.

  3. Jul 29, 2017. He was intimidating because he was totally hidden behind a blank expression. Later he mentioned a history of family trauma, where he'd learned to deliberately conceal his emotions. That's an extreme case, but for most people a little physical warmup can help. Get your facial muscles moving a few.

  4. Dec 11, 2017. See the games that will make you reconsider giving gaming another go in this funny Smosh article!

  5. Since Spring Training games start this weekend who are the most intimidating pitchers in your opinion? Not looking for the best but who was the most intimidating to face. Righty Bob Gibson Lefty Randy Johnson Closer Lee Smith. Back to top. Reply · Replies 7. OptionsTop. Replies 7. Share FB Share.

  6. Feb 13, 2008. The title role of Verdi's “Otello” is probably the most intimidating challenge for tenors in the entire Italian repertory. It demands visceral dramatic intensity, great vocal stamina and abundant power. Yet an Otello must also be able to shape Verdi's phrases with lyrical elegance. It's always an event when a tenor.

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