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"I shouldn’t have to get help just to be able to meet, talk to and date women", I thought to myself. My passive father was absolutely clueless when it came to women, which is why he ended up marrying my controlling mother.

I was determined not to make the same mistake but didn’t yet know how.

It’s about parenting when you are doing this alone.

It’s about single-parent money management, with resources to make LIFE happen.

We are thrilled to announce that Moxiecode is joining the Ephox team!

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We moved from Fiji to Hawaii when I was 14, mostly related to income (like, my parents needed to make money). I was working hard and bending backwards at my job when the another big thing happened: My mother found kiddie porn on my Dad’s computer. Educated, intelligent, funny, charismatic, good-looking. Healing from that, the next big thing came around: I found that my my second child was diagnosed with diffuse fetal hydrops, given a chance like “0%” at living past birth.Instagram: #365dayswithdisability Down syndrome, stories, campaigns, etc are all at A Day in the Life with Down syndrome.Instagram: #lifewith Ds And with a little moxie – this site – is about travel, being a single mom and wellness.Mary Lambert’s performance at Moxie was incredibly intimate and unforgettable!!Special thanks and shout out to NYC PRIDE, Cynthia Russo, Kate of LOVERGIRL, and Stacy of Stonewall for making this happen!!The next big thing that happened was my brother Dana. He was shot in August, 2016, the victim of an armed robbery. Struggling to deal with the loss of my brother, and already dispirited by the extreme isolation I faced while raising the kids primarily alone way out there on a hill, exhausted by Mikey’s unraveling anger issues and violence, I discovered that he had been both lying and unfaithful to me. ________________________ Moving forward, this blog is a site is about how-to’s: how to travel on a dime (with kids, and as a single mom).It’s about figuring out wellness and compassion, about health, both spiritual and physical.I was paralyzed by it a month later, and began a long, slow process of fully recovering. My deep commitment to living life with moxie – to live as courageously, as authentically and as lovingly as possible was born.This blog shifted – I started writing more of my truth – not all of it, because it’s hard to talk when you’ve spent most of your life being told that you shouldn’t talk about that stuff.I had had a few girlfriends and while they were lovely people, they just didn’t feel right for me.Rather than having the freedom to choose the women I dated, it seemed like I had to settle for whatever came my way.


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