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Msnbc online dating special

In other cases, the con artists aren't after money -- they are after shipping help. "They say, 'Oh, once you have them, why not just send them?They ask their correspondents to "re-ship" items to locations in Nigeria. People say, 'I've got these packages and I don't know why,'" Gregory said.

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The Merchant Risk Council's Ferguson said victims can always contact her agency for help returning merchandise to the retailers.

Richie's picture showed a jolly, bearded man curled up on a couch with a cat rubbing his face.

"Loving, caring and hardworking," the online dating profile said.

The sites are also impacting their sex life -- 73 percent of women who've gone on real dates with cybermates have slept with one or more of them.

E-booked Nearly half of the women and 36 percent of men who have logged onto personals sites said their real-world social lives have been jolted by their virtual networking, with women reporting more dates and men reporting more sex.


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