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You can see the same effect in the smoke from a candle that has just been put out.” “Turbulent flow can’t carry the mud so it dumps its load suddenly across the ocean floor.” “And that is what happened to the nautiloid shells. One in every seven is standing vertical in the bed.

The others tend to point the same way indicating the direction of the slurry flow.

When Steve did his training in the 1970s, the idea of uniformitarianism held sway—the belief that geological processes happened slowly and that the earth must be millions of years old. Geologists began to see evidence for past catastrophe everywhere. “I could go back to my professors and say, ‘I told you so.’ The fact is that geologic features form rapidly and not over millions of years.

The geologic evidence is entirely consistent with the biblical timescale.” Shaped like a skinny dunce’s cap, nautiloid shells came from an animal that was like an octopus, or cuttlefish.

In one example, Steve selected pyroxene crystals from samples of rock from the new lava dome on Mt St Helens.

The rock was only 11 years old when he collected them yet the pyroxene gave dates of two million years and more.

There is real science in measuring amounts of radioisotopes, but age is an of these amounts. I’ve been trying to figure out the real explanation for the radioisotope abundances.

“The water was full of mud, what we call a slurry, and so was much denser than the surrounding water.“The volcano was so well monitored that it was indisputable what catastrophic processes do to a landscape in super-quick time.” Steve sees Mt St Helens as having application to geologic features everywhere: Yellowstone National Park, petrified forests, coal layers and Grand Canyon.It transformed geological thinking by showing dramatically how geologic features form quickly.He also collected rocks from one of the more recent lavas (geologically speaking) that had flowed into the canyon, and separated a very pure extract of olivine.The labs found it had virtually no potassium in it, but contained lots of argon.And again, the dates from the different methods did not agree.Even one internationally known researcher on radioisotope dating admitted to Steve that half of the ‘dates’ from whole-rock samples from Grand Canyon are wrong.A high speed slurry can start out as a laminar flow, where the fluid travels in regular, streamlined paths.Then, it can suddenly turn turbulent where the fluid flow is curly and irregular.That’s why I had to go there.” What he saw was overwhelming.“It happened at the right time and in the right place,” Steve said.


  1. What mysteries do petrified organisms and Fossilized Trees hold? What happened in Yellowstone National Park and at Mount St. Helens. Articles Is Carbon-Dating.

  2. Saint helens erupted in alaska. Bailey 1 dec. Summary earth by young earth is one day old, 2001 radioisotope dating events in his mt. But rocks of carbon dating does.

  3. Holocene activity prior to May 18. and numerous ages from radiocarbon and tree-ring dating. Mount St. Helens acquired its pre–1980 cover of glaciers as a.

  4. Geologic catastrophe and the young earth. Steve sees Mt St Helens as having. Even one internationally known researcher on radioisotope dating admitted to Steve.

  5. Scientists have used radiometric dating techniques to age rocks on Mt St Helens from GEO 101 at Washington State University

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