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Muslim girl dating catholic boy

Aliayah: She could just as easily convert to mine could she not? A face saving exercise for the sake of the father of the girlfriend?

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As I've been told "love someone for the sake of God".

almost everything you are doing is going against that. and it requires the utmost of politeness and respect in every way. so it's sacred not only because of what is between the heart of the man and the woman and the need to protect the holiness of that, but because it forms the very nucleus of civilized society. it can't begin in a lie, or in avoidance, or in pretense.

so you can't afford to underestimate her concerns about her family, not with any justice. to be strong, it has to have a solid foundation, no cracks, and no rotting timbers.

really, it's right up there with "there is no god except God".

he gave us a serious harangue on that point a couple summers ago. a large part of the function of religion on the human plane is to strengthen and safeguard family relations, because they are the taproot of healthy culture. in a way, you could say it's a marriage of two families.


  1. The challenges of young Muslim girls to ignore the pressures of dating in the. Muslim Girl Problems Dating. The world isn’t split into boys and girls only.

  2. How Christians and Muslims can marry – the official. the man is Catholic and the wife Muslim. I was treated as though I was a silly little girl who had got.

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