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They wreaked havoc on the street from Janice berating her Underworld co-workers to husband Les running over a turkey.

Not quite as villainous as Richard Hillman, Tracy Barlow was the daughter of long-suffering Deirdre Barlow.

#blessed” Austen also wrote: “After much speculation I’m over joyed to announce that @shayne Tward and I are expecting our first child. A representative for Ward declined to comment to Standard Online.

The Manchester butcher was famed for his repetitive speech and being father to Ashley Peacock.

She later married debt-ridden Joe Mc Intyre, who after a month of marriage tried to fake his death, and was nearly found guilty.

She later married Michael Rodwell - after he burgled her house.

She had several affairs and was jailed after becoming involved with con man John Lindsay.

Blanche was Corrie's queen of comedy with her cutting one liners and deadpan execution.

She died of a heart attack while on an extended holiday in Portugal in May 2010.Todd Grimshaw - played by Bruno Langley - joined the street as the show's first gay character in 2001.The youngest son of Eileen Grimshaw and half-brother of Jason, Todd was dating Sarah Platt before he announced he was gay and went off to university.Hilda was the devoted life of Stan who was famed for having her hair in curlers.The pair lived on the breadline and occupied number 13 Coronation Street.The X-rated video was made during his time on the War of the Worlds tour when Ward was single. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds. The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced. He thought it was a private chat and a one-off and only realised he had been catfished after the video emerged today.” Ward recently revealed he is expecting his first child with Austen.The former Pop Idol star tweeted: “After much speculation I’m over joyed to announce that @sophieaustin1 and I are expecting our first child.Together they became one of the most loved soap pairings and fans were left devastated when Hayley took her own life following a battle with pancreatic cancer.The Battersby's were dubbed the 'Family From Hell' when they rocked up on the street in 1997.He convinced the street that Audrey Roberts was losing her mind, attempted to kill Emily Bishop, but instead murdered Maxine Peacock before trying to kill the Platts by tying them up in a car and gassing them. Married to Alec Gilroy, she later took over as landlady.After failing years later to raise the money to buy the pub she fled to Tenerife before making a brief comeback in 2002.


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