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Never stop dating her book

One of the main reasons a love worth fighting for is the only love worth having is it’s the only sort of relationship that will keep our attention for long enough.

I know this may sound a bit exhausting, but unfortunately, it’s true.

The problem with this is because we never have to fight for anything, we never understand what is worth fighting for.Some may be so naïve they don’t believe the primary function of soldier is killing people, but most are completely aware of what their husbands do and they get a sexual charge from it. It is perfectly normal to despise child killers, or grandma killers.These twisted women want us to make an exception for their husbands.It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about life goals or lovers, if you aren’t willing to fight for them, if you aren’t willing to get your hands dirty, to go out of your way and make an effort to hold on to them, then you just don’t want them enough. Finding someone worth fighting for drags you out of that zone and into a more eventful life.And regardless of whether it’s a goal or other, if you don’t want it enough, then you don’t deserve it. We often want more than is good for us -- and this doesn’t change when it comes to attention or love. The question is do you love this person enough to step out of your comfort zone and into the ring to fight for him or her?So powerful is that Hollywood image that Americans conveniently forget that their soldiers have killed well over a million Iraqi children.That nobility might have described most of the soldiers in .How much we are willing to fight for it, how much we are willing to suffer for it and give up for it lets us know how true it really is. Which is great, except all those things we want do little more than build us a wider comfort zone.The only love worth having is the one worth fighting for -- because anything short of that just isn’t love. No one, and I mean no one, lives a happy life entirely inside his or her comfort zone.It’s not just about finding a love worth fighting for; it’s about finding a love we need to fight for. Fighting for love doesn’t always mean fighting off other suitors or making incredible sacrifices in the name of love. Are you uncertain as to what you ought to do, where you ought to go, whom you ought to be? Many an individual in this world seems to be lost or confused about his or her purpose in life -- it’s natural.Now, here’s the part that most people overlook entirely: Every single loving relationship necessarily must be fought for. Often, it’s simply making sure to make that extra effort, week in and week out, for the rest of your lives together. Especially for those living comfortable lives in which survival isn’t on the top of the priorities list, already feeling like it’s a given.


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