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New york state dating laws

Amount: 16 ounces to 10 pounds (first felony) • Penalty: 1-7 years’ • Fines: ,000 • Classification: class C felony 14.

New York State Labor Law provides employees with basic protections in the workplace.

Clerical and other employees must be paid at least twice a month.

Amount: 25 g to 2 ounces • Penalty: 3 months’ incarceration • Fines: 0 • Classification: Misdemeanor 5.

These are the minimum wages allowed for tipped workers: Restaurant or hotel industry, Tipped Worker Food Service worker (waiter, busboy) 2014: .00 per hour minimum & overtime .00 per hour Other tipped worker (restaurant delivery) 2014: .65 per hour minimum & overtime .65 per hour Any Other industry, Tipped Worker (e.g., laundry delivery) 2014: .05 per hour minimum & overtime .05 per hour For your employer to use the "tip credit," you must earn sufficient tips during your shift. Lodging furnished by an employer to an employee may be considered part of the minimum wage paid to that employee.

The value of the meal and lodging allowance depends on the industry in which the employee works.

The federal minimum wage is presently .25 per hour.

More information concerning those employees covered by the federal minimum wage can be obtained from the United States Department of Labor.


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