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Online dating site for beautiful people

Greg admits that it’s a tough business model, but he’s seen that’s what people want.

"Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which Beautiful was founded." The site describes itself as an "elite online club, where every member works the door" -- that is, users can join only after enough members vote them "beautiful" during the 48 hours after their profile is uploaded.“You don’t walk into a bar or club and look across the bar and say ‘look at that beautiful man’s or that beautiful woman’s spirit’. Beautiful People has seen tremendous success ever since, accepting more than 850,000 users, becoming available in over 150 countries around the world, and turning away more than 10 million singles based on member votes.Maybe in an ideal world, but the reality is that’s just not the way it works.” Greg was kind enough to give us the inside scoop about the motivation behind Beautiful People, the details of its voting system, and how he embraces the controversy that comes with catering to the “aesthetically blessed.” Greg is no stranger to exclusivity, having owned a private members nightclub in London in the early 2000s. Beautiful People is powered by a basic principle of human nature: People want to be with someone they’re attracted to.Whether he’s a few inches shorter or she’s curvier than what you like, it’s hard to form a long-lasting relationship if the initial physical chemistry just isn’t there.With Beautiful People.com, the largest community of exclusively attractive people in the world, that concern goes away because beauty is in the eye of the voter.Some gave the site a shot again, hoping fellow users might not see them as the "fatties" others had. Maintaining those standards is what the site is about, Hodge said, and that's why people were expelled. "Their re-applications were reviewed by existing members, and only a few hundred were voted back in. Hodge admits, and has admitted from the time his company started, that his site may not be fair, but people want to date someone they are attracted to. Yes, it is, because our members want it to be," Hodge said when the company started out in 2005. "Every year we see that some of our members from Western cultures eat and drink to excess over the holidays, and clearly their looks suffer," he said in a statement. And apparently, enough beautiful people were angry that some members had enjoyed a bit too many treats during the holiday season.So Beautiful sent those flagged members e-mails, according to the company statement, telling them they could register again for the site when the extra pudge was gone.A dating site where current members vote in new members based on their appearance and basic profile information, Beautiful People makes sure users only see men and women who they may find attractive.“It’s based on a fundamental principle of human nature — and that is we all, at least initially, want to be with someone who we find attractive,” said Greg Hodge, Managing Director of Beautiful People.


  1. Sep 28, 2016. A DATING website is opening an exclusive new club where every guest is vetted to ensure they are attractive enough to enter. Those deemed to not reach. "has been called the VIP room of the online dating industry and the club will closely mirror this virtual world”. Anyone wanting to.

  2. Is the only exclusive online dating site where every member is beautiful. Online daters no longer need to filter through thousands of unattractive profiles, as through the site's peer selection community, everyone is beautiful. We all want to be with someone we are attracted to and.

  3. Apr 25, 2016. boasts 'online dating for beautiful people only', and at first there's a joy to watching the mighty fall. But it could happen to any of us.

  4. Jan 4, 2010. 5,000 members expelled after photos reveal "that they have let themselves go"; Dating site founder "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model"; bills itself as elite online dating, relationship club; To join, enough members must decide you are beautiful.

  5. The Short Version With its unapologetically honest attitude and member-curated userbase, has created the largest, most exclusive dating site for attractive people in the world, “where beautiful relationships begin.” BeautifulPeople is available in more than 150 countries and has turned away more than.

  6. Apr 26, 2016. Data stolen from a dating website aimed at "beautiful people only" has been found for sale online.

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