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Documenting processes and resolutions is a key part of my business, and that can sometimes leak out to the public.

Today's post is in response to a problem I encountered last week.

Website URL: Must be complete, accurate and represent the official website of the business. Description: This should be a general, accurate description of the business.

So after my last, very simple, mod i thought let's take it to the next step.

It's gentler on the OS than simply pulling the plug.

In this case, you will likely need to just pull the virtual plug (using Hyper-V's "Shut Down" utility.2) Adjust Autostart Settings (set a 5-second delay).

Any directional information, or cross street information should not be included.

If that's the case then this is exactly what i need.With that in mind, here are the steps that I took to resolve the issue.1) Turn off VM.In most cases, I recommend gracefully shutting down a Windows system.In case the update refers to a tour, you may use the address from where your tour departs.In case the tour picks up the travelers, you may leave address blank.However, the next question is, how do I know that my "on Update" will get called by the server (following polymorfism and shizzle) and not just ignored?I figured by making an extention of the Entity class, making a polymorf function that does exactly what i want it to do. I have a few other questions but i'll wait untill these are somewhat solved :smile.gif: Cheers, nerd out.This is how your business is recognized in the world, how it’s featured on your official web page and signage.Examples: Super Hotel : Address: Please use the physical address of the business, including street name and number.Let's try to recreate the magic Carpet mod, can't be too hard right?I can use most of the code from my other "mod" and let it run in a loop. Looping it in a while loop will probably crash the server (it would make sense if it did that anyway) so I need something else.


  1. Moves a movieclip, and reports its position in the process AS2 reportPosition = function { trace "My _x is now " + this._x; }; Tweener.addTweenmyMovieClip, {_x100, time1, onUpdatereportPosition}; // Similarly, with an anonymous function Tweener.addTweenmyMovieClip, {_x100, time1, onUpdatefunction { trace.

  2. Method. Description. event.setEnabledval. Enable/Disable the event function. The associated function will not be called while the event function is disabled. viz. TOGGLE can be used to toggle the state. Event functions are initially enabled. event.getEnabled. Get the enabled state of the event function.

  3. Feb 3, 2018. Colorado Springs is about to undertake a major review of the city's Historic Preservation Plan. This presents the opportunity for the city to turn more of its older residential neighborhoods into National Register Historic Districts and thereby help to preserve and enhance those neighborhoods. Currently the.

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