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Gee that would appease the left wing nutters, a black female President! Yes, I would be concerned about some weird political agenda, but so far I haven't seen that, However, if she should run, then that will quickly get flushed out during debates, etc.

So OP does that mean you would vote for her without even considering her political agenda? I don't see any current likely Democratic leader I would want to vote for, I had thought Bernie was too impractical in his agenda and being ~79 in 2020 is just a little too old.

Winfrey is much, much more of a success story Vs Trump and I think she would be a better agent for change.

She is a TV host, it is her job to make you think certain things about her.

Trouble is, that "future" seems to continuously shift our further and further into the future.

When is this demographic "tipping point" going to occur?

I’m pretty much of the same mind as Oprah herself, who recently said something along the lines of: when I was previously asked this question, I would say, no way, I’m not a politician, I don’t have the experience, I’m not qualified; THEN Donald Trump was elected president, and I started thinking, well, maybe I am!

I’m not sure the Democrats are at the point where they need to fight fire with fire, but as I’ve pointed out since the heat of the campaign: with the exception of Obama in 2008, every major party nominee of the past several decades ended up being the most famous person that was running – and there is no way a non-famous Trump gets the nomination, much less wins the electoral college.

As in waiting for demographics to come their way instead of generating good policies. And with the GOP's success in gerrymandering, vote suppression and their success in riling up older, rural white voters...has seemed to push out the Dems' demographic advantage projections even further.

I don't agree with much of Trump's agenda even if there are a few things I do agree with.

Trump creates a very divided America, he was born rich, never had to struggle to build anything, has no idea how anyone that isn't a billionaire lives. Winfrey was born into poverty in rural Mississippi to a teenage single mother and later raised in an inner-city Milwaukee neighborhood.

If we can elect Trump, then electing Oprah Winfrey would be easy.

I would vote for Oprah Winfrey, so what do you think, would you vote for her, could she win and would she be a good President? I think Oprah is honest, concerned about the middle and lower class people, and a tough business woman.


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