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Orange county dating coach

So my goal is the most effective route to a healed and improved relationship and to a healed “you”.I completed an externship in “Emotionally Focused Therapy” developed by Dr.Even AARP is into the Internet dating game, launching AARP Dating (aarp.org/dating) with tips, experts and even results of an AARP dating survey. Indeed, if all the consultants and experts are to be believed, it’s downright unnatural. “Our generation still has this stigma that only desperate people are publicly looking for dates,” says Christine Baumgartner.“We’re supposed to meet someone at work or in church instead.” Baumgartner, 62, who coaches men and women on dating styles and issues through her website, The Perfect Catch.com, also points out that women often are nervous about meeting a man on the Internet rather than through a friend.With respect to interpersonal and emotional/psychological issues, traditional psychotherapy alone so often misses the mark; in fact, it sometimes keeps people “stuck” in their problems.The traditional psychoanalytic method without practical tools simply for the vast majority of people.Sue Johnson, which is considered by many to be the most successful approach to couples counseling in the world today.

What do the words “holistic” and “alternative” mean in the context of therapy and relationship coaching?

My approach with individuals, couples, and families is direct, interactive, and effective.

I teach practical skills and tools while facilitating healing and growth, and use traditional and alternative methods including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), EFT (a modality of energy psychology), and forms of hypnosis and guided meditation.

I was featured on Lifetime TV in which I released and introduced my CD, “Peeling the Onion & Mending Your Marriage.” All of the tracks of this CD are now available beginning with the Introductory Track, here.

MISSION VIEJO – If you want to see what tough love looks like, go to Mission Viejo’s football game Friday night, Nov. A couple hundred men of varying ages will be there to salute and celebrate their old football coach, Bob Johnson, as Mission Viejo plays San Clemente on the last night of the 2017 regular season.


  1. He has more wins than any high school or community college coach in Orange County football history. That next day, we started dating.

  2. Julie Ferman has 25 years + experience as a Dating Coach. Julie Ferman specializes in Dating. Woman’s World, Westlake Magazine, and the Orange County.

  3. Is USC head coach Clay Helton, pictured. Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy charged with sexual assault of six female inmates – Daily News

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